Questions to Ask Funeral Home About Cremation Services?

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Are you interested in preplanning final services? Finding the right Apache Junction, AZ cremation services provider will make things easier. When you do find the right service provider, you’ll want to talk to the funeral director. Here are some questions you can ask.


Where is Your Crematory Located?

This is an important question. Some people assume that all funeral homes that offer cremation services have their own crematories, but this is not the case. Some funeral homes have on-site crematories while others use third-party service providers to carry out cremations. Why should you care? If you have a choice, it’s always best to go with a funeral home that has its own crematory because such a funeral home will be able to monitor quality control in a way that simply isn’t possible if the funeral home is contracting out cremations. So if you want to ensure that you’re handled with the utmost care and respect, then find a reputable funeral home with a track record of success and ensure that it has an on-site crematory.


How Do You Verify the Deceased’s Identity During Cremation Process?

Funeral homes should be willing to explain what protocols they have in place to verify the identity of every body that enters its facilities. So from the time a body is brought in to the time the ashes are handed to the family of the deceased, the funeral home should have a way to ensure that there are no mix-ups. Some funeral homes use a unique numbered metal tag that survives the cremation process. This method exceeds state requirements. Any reputable funeral home will be pleased to let you know the steps it takes, so don’t be shy about asking.


Can People Witness a Cremation?

Many funeral homes will allow the family of the deceased to witness the actual cremation. Some families need to do this for closure or to say a final good-bye. It’s best to let the funeral home know ahead of time so that a viewing can be arranged. Not all funeral homes will permit viewings, of course. So if a viewing is a must, be sure to ask about it when you talk to funeral directors.


Is an Urn Necessary?

While it’s not a requirement, it’s a good idea to have your ashes put into an urn. Funeral homes sell urns, but they also have free receptacles that they might want to choose.

Apache Junction, AZ cremation services

There are several providers of cremation services in Apache Junction, AZ. But that doesn’t mean that all of them are equal in terms of final services packages and customer service. You’ll be best served, therefore, by doing some research so that you find the right service provider. Look for a funeral home that strives to offer cremation options that are more affordable than the cremation option offered by our competitors. When you comb through the general price list, you’ll get to see exactly what is offered and exactly what things cost.


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