Planning Ahead

Pre-planning provides you with information on cremation costs in Mesa, AZ and eliminates the last-minute financial burden and emotional decisions for your loved ones. Your loved ones simply contact A Wise Choice, and we will implement your transition plan.

Pre-planning one’s final arrangements provides for a more peaceful transition at the time of passing.

Pre-planning simply makes sense:

  • Your family need not be forced to deal with these decisions alone.
  • Family disagreements are avoided when wishes are recorded.
  • You decide how much to spend.
  • You choose the type of service you prefer.
  • Lock in the cost at today’s prices.
  • Insurance protection.
  • Affordable payment plans.

As part of our free Community & Family Service Program, we offer consultations in your home or at any of our three locations without obligation. To take advantage of these services, and to schedule an appointment, simply call (480) 626-6363.

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