Question You Should Ask When Making Cremation Arrangements

When you pick up a deceased's body, where is it taken?

Some retain respectful possession of your loved one’s body while others may assign a case number and leave the body at a regional or off-site contract storage facility.

We provide dignified on-site possession of your loved one at our University Chapel location, used exclusively for the families we serve.

Where is your crematory?

Some are on-site, but others may transport your loved one’s body to a central or contract crematory which serves many cremation service providers.

We perform all cremations on-site at our family-owned Garden Chapel location. Our crematory is reserved only for the families we serve. We do not provide cremation services for other mortuaries.

Do you verify the deceased's identity before cremation?

Some will just accept the identification on the paperwork and assig a numbered indestructible metal tag which stays with the body through the cremation process.

Our quality assurance plan ensures accuracy and perfection throughout the process. Identification is maintained by a unique numbered metal tag which survives the cremation process. This far exceeds State requirements.

Do you cremate each body alone?

All licensed crematories are required by law to cremate each body individually.

Because A Wise Choice is a family-owned and operated crematory, we can control the sanctity of the process. We only perform cremations for the families we serve and each cremation is performed individually.

When is the deceased's body cremated?

That depends primarily on how long it takes to process the legally required paperwork with the deceased’s doctor or coroner and the county health department. A death certificated must be signed by the attending physician or the coroner and filed with the county to obtain a permit for cremation. Once the permit is obtained, the cremation can be scheduled.

Because our storage and crematory facilities are all on-site, we can usually accommodate cremation within 3 to 6 days after completion of legal paperwork. Under our direct supervision, we can accommodate virtually any turn-around requirement to support the scheduling of funeral services, shipment, spreading of cremated remains or scattering.

May I attend the cremation?

Some offer a witnessing service, but most do not have control over the process, or access to the facility to offer such a service.

Since we are very open with our cremation procedures, we offer each family the opportunity to witness the cremation of their loved one. This is done by appointment with a respectful description of each stage.

Why do families ask to witness cremation?

For many different reasons. For some it is a part of their diverse religious culture. For others, it is a spiritual moment of the final “goodbye” or an opportunity to pray or reflect. And finally, for some families it is the more practical reason of assurance and peace of mind that their loved one’s body was handled properly and respectfully throughout the cremation process.

We own and operate our own crematory, and we will be here for you throughout the process. Whatever your reason, your family is welcome to witness the cremation by appointment.

Is a casket required before cremation?

By law, the deceased’s body must be cremated in a state-approved container. There are several options available from a wooden casket to a heavy cardboard container to insure the dignified handling of your loved one. You may purchase a wooden casket, or rent a wooden casket which holds the container, or use just the container by itself.

We will accommodate your casket or container choice with no delay in the cremation process. You may view our cremation caskets and urns at our Garden and University Chapel locations.

Is embalming required before cremation?

Embalming is not required by law. If the family desires a viewing of the deceased’s body or wishes the body to be dressed and prepared, embalming is appropriate. Some cremation societies do not have the facilities to accommodate this request without transferring the remains to an outside facility.

If you desire your loved one to be dressed and prepared for visitation or funeral service prior to cremation, A Wise Choice requires embalming. We have a state-of-the-art preparation facility at our University Chapel location to accommodate your request.

When do I receive my loved one's cremated remains?

Cremated remains are generally available 12 hours after cremation. Some allow you to take the cremated remains with you in an urn or shipping container of your choice after a brief cooling and processing period. Others may not be able to commit to a specific date when the cremated remains will be ready.

We offer many styles of urns, and we will place your loved one’s cremated remains into the container of your choice. We typically return cremated remains to families much sooner than other funeral homes because we have our own on-site crematory.

What are cremation societies?

Cremation societies differ from mortuaries with crematories in that they do not offer the range of services that a full-service mortuary and cremation provider does. They are primarily set up to process bodies in quantity at minimum cost, often through subcontracted facilities.

We are not a society and have no membership requirements or fees. Our crematory is reserved only for the families we serve, and we offer the flexibility to accommodate your wishes.

Why are there significant price differences in cremation services?

There are vast differences in the levels of professional services and care provided by mortuaries, crematories and cremation societies.

A Wise Choice offers the highest level of professional services and care provided with the maximum of flexibility and personalization in the cremation of your loved one.

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