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Why do people plan cremation services in Apache Junction, AZ? It’s now the case that more people plan cremations than funerals in the country – and there are various reasons for this. If you need to arrange a final service and are learning toward a cremation, here’s a look at 5 of the main reasons people plan cremation services for their deceased family members.

#1. Affordability

Cremation is an inexpensive body disposition option. You can save even more by choosing a simple ceremony in a church, outdoors, or someplace else. The simplest form of cremation is direct cremation. It includes no services other than the cremation.

#2. Bury Urn Close to Other Loved Ones Who’ve Been Buried

Another reason why people like to plan cremations is that they can bury an urn close to where another loved one has been buried. Some cemeteries will allow you to buy the urn on the same burial plot where another loved one was buried previously. Going this route will give you another option if you want to visit the burial site in the future.

#3. Environment

Many people who plan cremations do so because they want to be good environmental stewards. When you arrange a cremation, you won’t have to embal your deceased loved one. You’ll also be able to save on land space by choosing not to bury the urn. And, as you can well imagine, you won’t need to buy and bury a casket if you’re planning a funeral. Even if you choose to keep the urn in a columbarium, it will take up less space.

#4. Accommodates Families That Are Spread Out

When member of your family live far apart, going to a funeral service on relatively short notice can be very difficult. This is all the more the case during the COVID-19 pandemic where traveling from one state to another or from one country to another is fraught with difficulty. By going with a cremation, you can plan a simple funeral service if you wish and then hold a memorial and sprinkle the ashes in the future when the coronavirus situation gets better. This will give you and your family members more time to plan a memorial or celebration of life.

#5. Different Permanent Memorialization Optionscreation services in Apache Junction, AZ

Another reason why many people like to plan cremations is that there are lots of permanent memorialization options available. You can bury the urn containing a loved one’s ashes either on your property or at a cemetery. You can get cremation jewelry. You can scatter the ashes in a place packed with sentimental value for you and your family. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Do you need to plan a cremation service in Apache Junction, AZ? We can help. We’re a full-service funeral home that is well known for offering affordable direct cremation services that are the most cost-effective in and around the area. We also offer cremation services from our own crematory. For the help you need to arrange a body disposition or to preplan one for yourself, get in touch to speak with one of our licensed industry professionals.

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