Ways You Can Honor a Loved One After Cremation

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Cremation is now the leading body disposition option across the nation. Whether you’ve heard it before or you’ve never come across this information previously, it’s important to know. Direct cremation is actually the simplest form of cremation because it includes no services in a church, chapel, or anyplace else. It’s also the most cost-effective body disposition option. But what can you do if you want to honor a loved one after the cremation service in Apache Junction, AZ? The good news is that there are many things you can do. Where’s a look at some of them.

Hold a Memorial or a Celebration of Life

One option if you want to honor a loved one after their passing is to plan a celebration of life service or a memorial service. Of course, social distancing rules mean that you can’t have a large gathering. And it’s best to limit even smaller services to immediate family or to people from the same household. But despite these types of restrictions, you can still honor your loved one.

Choose Cremation Package That Includes a Service

While you can arrange a simple direct cremation that only includes the body disposition, you can also choose a cremation package that includes a service component. Depending on the death care services provider you hire, you might be able to pair a cremation with a celebration of life or a memorial. Such packages will prove to be useful if your family, friends, and well-wishers want to have an event where people can gather to pay their last respects.

Scatter Ashes

A popular option after a cremation is to scatter the cremated remains of the deceased. You can scatter after a memorial, say, or you can scatter without having a memorial. It can often be more meaningful to scatter in a place that had some special significance to the deceased. For instance, if they had loved spending summer weekends at the family cottage, then it could make sense to scatter their cremated remains on that property. But you’re not limited to scattering ashes on the ground. You can also do so on the water and in the air. The choice is yours.

cremation service in Apache Junction, AZ

Bury Urn

Another option is to bury the urn containing the cremated remains of your deceased loved one. You can bury the urn in a family plot in a cemetery, in an urn garden, in a columbarium niche, or even on your own property or on the property of another family member.

If you’re looking for a reputable provider of cremation services in Apache Junction, AZ, we’re here to help. We’re a full-service funeral home that is well known for offering affordable direct cremation services that are the most cost-effective in and around the area. If you want a cremation with a service, ask us about our Family Farewell Choice, Tribute Memorial Plan, or Premium Choice Funeral Service options. For the help you need to arrange a body disposition or to preplan one for yourself, get in touch to speak with one of our licensed industry professionals.

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