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We are family-owned crematorium that offers a much more affordable cremation in Mesa, AZ. A Wise Choice Cremation & Funeral Services has been operating for 50 years in Mesa, AZ and focuses on each family’s individual needs, and assist them in honoring the life of their loved one in an inexpensive, unforgettable way. We love giving families our superior service at extremely affordable prices. Make the right choice by contacting us at (480) 626-6363.

In our modern, busy lives, many people fail to think about the inevitability of death and funeral care arrangements. It’s often overlooked until the moment of need arises. When it occurs in this manner, families are left with the heavy burden of planning and carrying out a funeral service. But these days, many families are choosing to forgo traditional funerals. Instead, they opt for direct cremation care in Apache Junction, AZ, and a self-directed memorial and disposition of the fallen.


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How It Works

At A Wise Choice Cremation & Funeral Services, direct cremation is the simplest means of caring for the mortal remains of the person who has died. It includes the transfer of the deceased from their place of death to our cremation facility, where the body is respectfully cremated without a traditional funeral ceremony. No embalmment occurs, no formal dress and grooming, no extended cold storage of the remains, and no expensive casket or standard cemetery plot is needed.

After cremation care is completed, the ashes are given to the family for inurnment and disposition. Families have a lot of flexibility to choose how they will lay their loved ones to rest. Some may choose to keep their loved one’s ashes close, placing them in a keepsake shrine or on their mantle. Others inter them in a small burial box or columbarium niche. Still, others choose to scatter the ashes at a place of significance, where legally allowed. The options are manifold.

If your family prefers to hold a cremation with service, our funeral team is fully capable of helping you to plan and carry out the funeral or memorial that you wish to hold.

When is Direct Cremation in Apache Junction, AZ a Smart Choice?

Choosing direct cremation is not for everyone. But for many, it is the right choice. Deciding to have a loved one’s remains cremated directly without ceremony is a matter of preference. The reasons that many people give for their choice include:

  • Less costly than a traditional service
  • No need to buy a burial plot
  • More earth-friendly, less harmful to the environment
  • Greater flexibility and more options
  • Portability of ashes

What to Expect

Direct cremations are simple by design. They typically include a handful of basic steps:

  • The fallen is transferred from their death location to our cremation facility
  • A short waiting period is observed to obtain permits to proceed with the cremation
  • Deceased is cremated
  • Ash and bone are processed into granular sand
  • Remains are carefully boxed and returned to the next of kin

Care and dignity for the fallen are maintained throughout the entire process. When the family receives the ashes, they are free to do with them as they see fit.

Personal Choice of Care

Our funeral experts are aware that many families prefer to handle the commemorative aspect of their loved one’s funerals. This movement toward a DIY approach to death and funeral care is an important shift in the industry.

While some elements of death care must be handled by a professional, there is much that a family can do themselves. Many families appreciate the intimate and personal nature of laying their loved ones to rest in a private manner for those who knew and loved the fallen in life.

As industry professionals, our job is to provide support and guidance where needed in areas that are specific to our role as funeral care providers. These include things such as transportation of the remains, completing death certificates, caring for the body in the interim period between death and cremation, etc.

It’s also our job to help you stay ahead of any vital details that you need to know during the death care and cremation process. With our support, you’ll be well-served to keep abreast of such information.

Cost of Direct Cremation in Apache Junction, AZ

Direct cremation care is an affordable alternative to a traditional burial with a funeral. Depending on how you wish to conduct the services, they can be as much as one-fourth of the cost. That’s a compelling savings, primarily based on a reduction of resources and professional services.

The price can change depending on the level of care and support you require, but the choice is entirely within your control. If simplicity and affordability are the priority, a direct cremation may be an excellent service option.

Service for All

Here at A Wise Choice Cremation & Funeral Services, our team of compassionate funeral experts strives to go above and beyond with every family and individual we assist through the death care process. Whether you choose a traditional funeral, cremation with services, or a direct cremation in Apache Junction, AZ, we can help. Find us at 9702 E Apache Trl Mesa, AZ 85207, or call for a conversation about your needs: (480) 626-6363.

Cremation FAQs

How much does cremation cost?

Our direct cremation starts at $895. If you want to learn more about our cremation packages, click here.

Advantages of pre-planning?

  • Your family need not be forced to deal with these decisions alone.
  • Family disagreements are avoided when wishes are recorded.
  • You decide how much to spend.
  • You choose the type of service you prefer.
  • Lock in the cost at today’s prices.
  • Insurance protection.
  • Affordable payment plans.
  • Learn more about pre-planning here.

What is included in immediate burial package?

  • Initial transfer of the deceased from place of death to funeral home
  • A portion of the basic service charge
  • Three (3) days of refrigeration
  • Transportation of the deceased to the cemetery
  • Learn more about burial packages here.


Cremation and Funeral Services FAQs

How do I choose a cremation service?

    • Talk with your loved ones and family.
    • Decide on a budget and cremation service.
    • Look for crematorium near you.
    • Make a list and compare prices.
    • Choose one that has its own crematory.
    • Visit the crematorium to know the staff.
    • Learn more on how to pre-plan your cremation.


What is the cheapest way to be cremated?

Direct cremation is the cheapest way to be cremated because there are no ceremonial services involved. The body is cremated shortly after passing, without embalming, viewing or visitation. The starting price for this type of cremation is $895. Learn more about direct cremation.


How much does cremation cost in Arizona?

According to an article in Huffington Post, the average cost of cremation in Arizona is about $600, thousands less than a traditional burial. The article also mentioned that over the last two years, Arizona has had a cremation rate of 68 percent. With the COVID-19 pandemic raging in 2020, that rate has significantly increased. Learn more.

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