Things to Think about Before Choosing Direct Cremation in Gilbert, AZ

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Our modern world is filled with options, and the funeral care industry is no exception. Today’s families are looking for alternatives to the long-established funeral care model and traditional burial. Shifting values and cultural perspectives are driving these changes and the industry has responded to the change in preferences by increasingly providing services that people want. For example, direct cremation care in Gilbert, AZ, and across the country is growing in popularity. It’s a respectable option with many advantages to those who choose it.



But how do you know cremation is the right choice for your family’s needs? Here are several things to think about before you choose cremation service:

Family Norms and Customs

Most families share a strong sense of identity and viewpoint. Their common upbringing and cultural sensibilities often overlap significantly. These things can help to inform individuals what is the most appropriate means of caring for their dead, according to what the family has traditionally done in the past.

If you’re thinking about choosing direct cremation, or cremation with service, you might talk with members of your family to get their perspective. Input from trusted family can be very informative, and help you to consider points you may not otherwise have thought about. It’s certainly not a requirement, but if family customs and norms are on your mind then take time to talk with them about the death care options at hand.

Cultural or Belief Systems

When thinking about cremation service, community values and any personal faith views should be considered. Do these systems have anything to say about cremation as a death care choice? Many cultures and religions don’t have guidance on the matter, leaving the decision to the family involved. Some faith traditions encourage the practice, while others frown on it. If you would like to observe the teachings of a particular belief system but aren’t certain what their teachings are, take time to speak with a spiritual leader about it.

Financial Matters

Cremations are generally much more affordable than a traditional full-service funeral and burial. It depends on what add-ons and service upgrades you choose, but sometimes cremations are as much as one fourth the expense of a traditional model funeral. If budget constraints are top of mind, you may find a direct cremation in Gilbert, AZ to be an affordable way to obtain simplified care without any loss of dignity in the lower cost experience. If cost is not a concern, but you wish to choose cremation for frugality reasons, you will appreciate cremation care as the least expensive option to disposition a fallen loved one.

Environmental Reasons

Many individuals and families are interested in finding ways to support the health of the planet. When funeral care is involved, many are pleased to learn that cremation is considered to be less harmful to the earth. Cremations can be handled without embalming the deceased with chemicals that are known to leach into cemetery soils. Over time these chemicals can reach aquifers, polluting our most precious resource.

Other benefits of cremation include the lack of need for casket purchase or standard cemetery plot. By eliminating or reducing the use of cemetery ground, resources are preserved for a longer duration. Conservation matters to many people. If earth care is a concern for your family, cremation may be a good option for you.

Personal Preference

When a body dies, it begins to experience deteriorative changes. This is the natural order of life returning the body to an elemental state. It’s called decomposition. For some people, preserving the body against this process as long as possible is comforting. For others, they want to allow the deceased body to decompose at the pace nature intended. But some prefer to accelerate the process by means of heat and flame via cremation. If you have a preference for how quickly the body is broken down, you will be better informed about whether or not cremation is right for your family.

Cremation Service Choices

When you choose cremation care, you can still choose to hold a traditional funeral service in advance of the cremation itself. For many, this remains an important part of saying goodbye to their lost loved one. But for others, direct cremation is the preferred means of laying a family member to rest. The process is easy and private. It maintains the dignity of the person who has died and gives the family options. They can choose to hold a self-directed memorial service after the fact or forgo it altogether.

Affordable Direct Cremation Care in Gilbert, AZ

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Cremation FAQs

What is a quick burial?

Quick burial or immediate burial is a type of burial where the body is taken directly from the morgue to the cemetery. Additionally, the body will make a quick stop at the funeral home, long enough to secure the death certificate, burial permit and for the family to buy the cemetery lot. Know more about immediate burial.

What is the difference between a graveyard and a cemetery?

A graveyard is mostly used to refer to a burial ground which adjoins a church while a cemetery is also a burial ground but does not adjoin to a church. Many cemeteries offer beautiful facilities to host funeral services, celebrations or life, catered meals, and to honor your loved one’s life. Learn more.

What type of cremation service do I want?

This is an important question because different funeral homes offer different options. Some only offer direct cremation, which means that there are no other services included. However, others are more flexible and offer a range of other service options in addition to the cremation service. Learn more.

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