3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Preplanning Cremation Service

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cremation service in Mesa, AZ

Do you want to contact a funeral home to preplan a cremation service? Most people who preplan do so because they want to spare their loved ones from having to plan for them. Whatever your reasoning is, the most important this is that it’s a good idea to preplan a cremation service in Mesa, AZ. But before you contact a funeral director to set up a preplanning consultation, it helps to ask yourself the following 3 questions.

1. “What Type of Cremation Service Do I Want?”

This is an important question because different funeral homes offer different options. Some only offer direct cremation, which means that there are no other services included. But others are more flexible and offer a range of other service options in addition to the cremation service. If you want to be cremated when the time comes but also want a funeral service, there are funeral homes that offer packages that include a cremation and a funeral service. This is great if you don’t want to skip the tradition of a funeral service where friends and family can come together.

2. “What Do I Want My Family to Do with My Ashes?”

It’s also important that you think about what you want your loved ones to do with your ashes after the cremation service. Do you want them to take your ashes home with them in an urn, to scatter your ashes in a place that is special to you, to get cremation jewelry made, to bury the urn underground, or to do something else? This is something you need to think about ahead of time. When you figure out what you’d like your family to do with your ashes, you’ll want to get the right urn. The funeral director will be able to help you choose an urn that is appropriate.

3. “What’s My Budget for a Cremation Service?”

How much do you want to spend on your final services? It is true that a cremation is cheaper than a funeral, but some cremation service providers offer lower rates than others. Once you determine how much you’re willing to pay, you can let the funeral director know. They will help you preplan a body disposition that gives you a fitting final send-off and that gives your family peace of mind.

cremation service in Mesa, AZ

Are you interested in finding a provider of affordable cremation services in Mesa, AZ? We’re a full-service funeral home dedicated to helping people to plan and to preplan. Ask us about our direct cremation and cremation with a service packages. Our direct cremation offering is the most cost-effective option in and around the area, and we also own our own crematory. For the help you need, give us a call to speak with our funeral director or to other members of our staff. We’ll answer your questions, help you plan final services for a loved one, and even help you preplan a body disposition for yourself. Let us know how we can help.

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