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Since the 1960s, individuals and families have increasingly chosen cremation care as their preferred means of caring for the deceased. It’s anticipated that by the year 2030, some 70% of Americans will choose cremation over traditional burial death care. While that statistic applies to cremation in general, many of those cremations are direct in nature. Direct cremation in Mesa, AZ is also growing in popularity.

There are several reasons for the change, mostly driven by cultural shifting preferences and economic reasons. However, other reasons do motivate people to choose cremation care. Here’s a brief look at the details of the change in death care trends:

Cost of Care

In the large majority of cases, cremations are less expensive than a traditional funeral and burial service. Today’s families and individuals have experienced a notable increase in financial burden and have less discretionary income for expensive funeral services. In the face of such pressures, cremation has become a reasonable alternative to burial that does not sacrifice the dignity of a fallen loved one. Families appreciate the option to affordably care for the deceased.


Some people are disillusioned by the pomp and ceremony of funeral services. They do not wish their own (or their loved one’s) departure from this life to be one of excess or grandiosity. Rather, they prefer a quiet and small occasion, marked by loved ones in a private affair without the fanfare and constructs attached to society’s traditional commemoration in death.  Keeping it simple is a high priority. When handled appropriately, direct cremation or even cremation with a service can easily fill this preference for simplicity.

Portability and Location

In our modern society, families are known to move long distances, often many times in a lifetime. All of this mobility makes it difficult for families to maintain the care of a fallen loved one buried in a fixed location. Visiting their grave, freshening flowers, and keeping them in remembrance can be hard to accomplish from a distance.

Cremation results in ashes that be inurned and ported with families wherever they may go. Some families choose to have the ashes used as the material in keepsake jewelry or monuments. These creations are also portable means to keep a deceased loved one nearby.

Choice of Resting Place

When a traditional burial occurs, the options tend to be limited. A cemetery is generally recommended, sometimes mandated by local ordinance. The family is left to choose a plot, and whether to bury above ground or below ground.

Alternatively, direct cremation in Mesa, AZ care opens many options for final disposition. Families can choose where to place the ashes of their loved ones. They may still choose to bury, but that too is not a requirement. They can decide to inurn their loved one’s ashes and keep them in a place of honor at home. They may also choose to put them in a columbarium niche or a beautiful scatter garden. Several families also choose to scatter the ash remains in a place of significance, where allowed.

If more than one person wishes to keep their deceased loved one close, the ashes can be divided among them. Jewelry keepsakes are quite common as well, utilizing some ash as material in their making. Choices for the final resting place of a cremated loved one are manifold.


Cremations allow families to self-direct commemorative services for their loved ones. Funerals can also be personalized but typically don’t have as many options for final resting places. What funerals do well is provide a fixed place where a loved one’s body can be visited time and again. There are benefits to both types of disposition, which is why personalization matters.

Different service models may better serve different priorities. Families understand that cremation care offers a vast amount of self-directed personalization in terms of laying a loved one to final rest, at a time and place of their choosing.

Environmental Concerns

The health of the planet is a high priority for many families and individuals. As awareness of environmental concerns has grown, people have been searching for ways to help reduce their impact. The funeral care industry has adjusted many of their care practices to minimize long term damage to the earth.

Crematories are one way that funeral homes have been able to help families lessen the environmental impact of death. It reduces the need for burial caskets, which are often made of precious resources such as hardwoods and metals. Plastics and fabrics are also reduced by this effort. Embalming chemicals are not required for cremation, and cemetery land use is minimized.

Direct Cremation Care in Mesa, AZ

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Cremation FAQs

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How much should I pay for a burial service?

Our burial package starts at $995. See other burial options here.


Cremation and Funeral Services FAQs

How do you list family members in an obituary?

You would normally list the spouse first if the one who died was married and include the town or city where the spouse lives. Next are the children, from the oldest to the youngest and their spouses, if any. After the listing the immediate family, you can then add the grandchildren, great-grandchildren, parents, grandparents, siblings, cousins, in-laws, nephews/nieces, all listed in birth order. Learn more.


How do you ask someone after a death?

You can start by asking them how they are doing today. Tell them you are always ready to offer a helping hand. This lets your friend know they can let their guard down and that you are there for them. Learn more.


What do I want my family to do with my ashes?

There are many ways your family can do with ashes. You may want them to take your ashes home with them in an urn, to scatter your ashes in a place that is special to you, to get cremation jewelry made, or to bury the urn underground. This is something you need to think about ahead of time. Learn more.

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