3 Things to Consider if Scattering Ashes After Cremation Service

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After the cremation service in Gilbert, AZ, you may wish to honor your deceased loved one by scattering their ashes. Many people do this after holding a memorial service or a celebration of life service. If the plan is to go this route, here are 3 scattering tips you’ll want to keep in mind.

1. Where Do You Want to Scatter the Ashes?

You’ll certainly want to consider where to scatter the ashes. It should be a place that has some sentimental value to you and your family – and it should honor your deceased loved one. Did they love to spend time outside in their vegetable or flower garden? You can scatter the ashes in the garden. Was the deceased a nature lover who enjoyed camping or hiking? You might want to scatter the ashes someplace out in nature. The majority of national parks in the country permit scattering, so you and your loved ones might want to take a trip to a national park and then scatter the ashes there at some point during your stay. But one thing you should never do is scatter the ashes on private property unless you have the property owner’s permission.

2. Air, Land, or Sea?

Another thing you’ll want to determine is whether you want to scatter the ashes on the land, on the water, or in the air. Any of these options is a good choice. Are you having trouble deciding which route to take? You don’t actually have to select just one of the scattering options. You can do two of the three or even all three of them. So if some family members prefer, say, scattering on land while others prefer, say, scattering in the air, your family can do both. You can either divide the ashes between multiple urns or use one urn to do the scattering in different ways.

3. Do You Want to Hold a Memorial Service First?

While you don’t have to hold a memorial or a celebration of life before scattering the ashes, it can be a good idea to go this route. The memorial or celebration of life can be held in a church, in a home, or even outside in a park. You can conclude the event by scattering the ashes.

cremation service in Gilbert, AZ

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