5 Facts About Interment Fees

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A burial can take place even if an individual picks cremation services in Mesa, AZ, and similar to traditional methods, there will be a need to purchase a plot, headstone, and vault liner, and interment fees will be included. These fees cover multiple aspects of the process, and we want to help you understand their purpose, so let’s look at five facts about these fees.

What are Interment Fees?

When an individual is laid to rest in a cemetery plot, there will be costs that cover the process of opening and closing the grave. The cemeteries will charge these fees; however, if there’s no planning, the funeral home can work as a scheduler by transferring the payment to the chosen cemetery.

How Much are They?

The average price range for interment fees is between $300 and $2300. This will be based on the cemetery’s location and the type of cemetery you choose. If the individual is cremated, this can also affect the cost or if the burial takes place on a holiday or weekend.

What Services are Included?

While you may assume that when you purchase a plot, the fees are included, here’s the thing you’re not purchasing the piece of property; you’re buying Interment rights. While the land belongs to the cemetery, purchasing the plot lets you decide who is buried in that space. You also choose how the individual will be memorialized in that space.

The vault and marker are not included in the internet fees; however, the charge covers expenses, including opening and closing the grave and upkeep of the space. Additionally, another part of the interment will include an officiant reading a poem, religious text, or praise, and in some cases, music will be played before the deceased is placed in the ground.

Is the Opening and Closing of the Grave in the Pre-plan?

If someone has pre-planned for the services, the opening and closing fees are typically not included in plans with locked-in prices. Sometimes the money set aside goes towards additional fees charged at the time of the services instead of the interment costs, and the family will have to pay for this out of pocket.

cremation services in Mesa, AZ

How Can You Prepare for the Fees?

Whether you or someone else are pre-planning, utilizing a professional and finding an advisor is recommended to ensure all aspects of the services are paid for. Some prepaid plans will cover everything from obituary costs to clergy fees and can offer peace of mind knowing your family doesn’t have to pay for the expenses out of pocket.

Affordable and Expert Services for Your Loved One

The internment is just one part of laying an individual to rest, and whether you have chosen traditional burial or cremation services in Mesa, AZ, understanding what it offers can make the experience easier. Loss is complex, and if you have recently experienced a loss, we are here to help you create a memorable event honoring their legacy. We are deeply committed to providing the highest level of care and take great pride in being a compassionate and affordable option, so call us today to get started.

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