5 Ways to Repurpose a Cremation Urn

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Do you know what you’ll do with the urn after you scatter the ashes of your deceased loved one? Cremation services in Apache Junction, AZ are becoming more common these days, but people don’t always consider what they can do with the cremation urn afterward. You won’t have to worry about this matter if the plan is to keep the ashes at home or to bury the ashes.


What follows is a look at 5 things you can do with the urn after scattering ashes. Some of them might surprise you!


1. Repurpose it

One obvious option is to simply reuse the urn. In other words, you can use it again the next time a loved one passes away and is cremated. It can become a family tradition to use a special urn to store the ashes ahead of finally scattering them after a memorial service.


2. Give it Away

Do you know anyone who is planning a cremation? Perhaps they are short on cash and would love to be able to use the urn that you no longer need. If you offer it to them, let them know whether you want it back after they scatter the ashes or if the urn is theirs to keep.


3. Keep as a Memento

Why not retain the urn as a keepsake or memento? You don’t need to have ashes in the urn for the urn to hold special significance and to serve as a reminder of your deceased loved one. Whether you keep it on the desk in your home office, on a bookcase shelf, or on the fireplace mantle, you can keep the urn around to commemorate someone special to you.


4. Repurpose it

You can use the urn as a makeshift flower vase. If you invest into getting a really nice-looking urn, then it can make for an aesthetically attractive flower vase. You might wish to keep it outdoors on the patio table. If the deceased had had a favorite type of flower, put flowers of that variety in the urn.


Cremation services in Apache Junction, AZ5. Dispose of it Responsibly

If you buy a biodegradable urn, you won’t have to worry about repurposing it. A biodegradable urn will, as the term suggests, break down after it is buried underground. It’s an environmentally responsible way to dispose of an urn. If you go this route, you can bury the urn in a body of water since it will break down in very much the same way as it would if buried under the earth.


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