Things You Won’t Expect to Hear a Crematory Say About Cremation

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In the immediate aftermath of a death close to home, you won’t necessarily feel like contacting a cremation services provider in Mesa, AZ to arrange final services. But it’s a task you may have to do regardless of how you actually feel about doing so. A reputable service provider will help you in many ways. If you need recommendations or want to learn more about cremation services, they’ll be a great help. They’ll give you accurate information about cremation. So you can be certain that there are some things that they won’t say about the body disposition option.


“You Can’t Have a Cremation if You’re Religious”

There are a few religions that prohibit cremation services, one of them being Islam, but most religions allow for cremation services and funeral services. So you can be sure that staff at a crematory won’t tell you that you cannot or should not arrange cremation services if you happen to be a person of faith. Chances are that they will ask you what religion you adhere to. And they will let you know if your religion makes cremation a no-no. But it’s not an issue for most people.


“There’s No Value to Holding a Memorial Service After the Cremation Service”

Of course, you don’t have to plan a cremation service or a celebration of life service, but that doesn’t mean that arranging one isn’t a great idea. An event after the cremation will allow your family, friends, and people who knew the deceased to come together to honor them. Such a gathering will help people grieve, encourage, and heal as a group. So you’ll be giving up a lot of benefits if you opt to forego a memorial service or celebration of life service.


“Funeral Services Followed By Burials Are Better Than Cremations”

cremation services provider in Mesa, AZThe reality is that cremations are actually a lot more common these days than are funerals followed by casket burials. This is definitely a reversal compared to the way things used to be. One reason more and more people are arranging cremations is that they are very cost-effective compared to funerals and burials. They also offer a lot of flexibility. For instance, some people have the cremation and then have a memorial service in the weeks ahead. In comparison, the funeral service and the burial traditionally occur on the same day. And they require more planning. Cremations tend to be easier to plan since they are simpler and more straightforward.


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