Creating a Memorable Funeral Reception

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The idea of the funeral reception is to create an environment that will help individuals attending remember and share ways the deceased affected their lives. When looking for cremation services in Apache Junction, AZ, you may not know your options to create a function that appropriately honors the individual. Here are some things to consider when you are starting the planning process.

  • What kind of person was the deceased?
  • Did they have a jovial and silly personality, or were they more formal?
  • What kind of things did they enjoy?

Once you have taken the time to answer these questions, you will create an event that is representative of them more easily.

Reception Ideas


One way to express love and compassion for the individual who has passed on is to display photographs for individuals to look at as they reflect. Having images will also help create a more emotional experience to help people acknowledge the loss easier.


You may want to consider the individual’s interests to plan your decoration around any hobbies or themes. The individual may have loved nature or specific kinds of activities, so it is recommended to incorporate that into your decoration choices.


Certain services will offer a trinket or a token that attendees can take with them. This could be something as simple as a bar of favorite chocolate or a quote written on a small card.


An excellent choice that can create great healing with people is giving individuals the option to share at the event. This could be a favorite poem or a memory that resonates with them around the loved one. Share is not only helping create more connection but encourage further healing from the loss.


If the loved one had specific songs or certain kinds of music that they enjoyed, it is good to incorporate that into the event. For anyone who is not as familiar with the loved one, the music may offer them more insight into who the person was.


The last thing to consider is what kind of food that you want to serve at the event. Having a menu with some creative flair to it around the individual’s interests might be a sweet touch. Another option is to have a favorite drink as a way to share a toast for the individual.

Other Ways to Say Goodbye

These are a few other options for the event or to create a sendoff. This could look like releasing butterflies for doves, and in some cases, individuals will use paper lanterns.

Offering Support and Guidance

Creating a funeral reception can be a painful process but a healing one at the same time. If you need it, remember to ask for extra help will help you create a function with less stress. A Wise Choice Cremation & Funeral Services are here to help with your cremation services in Apache Junction, AZ. We offer funeral and direct cremation services to make your experience and easier one. We understand how hard loss can be, so let us help guide you through the process.

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