What Paperwork Do You Need When Your Loved One Passes Away?

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When it comes time for lying your loved one to rest, you may be looking for cremation services in Gilbert, AZ. Understanding the required steps can be challenging enough; where do you start, and what paperwork is needed to complete the process?

Papers Needed

You will likely find most of the paperwork at the deceased’s home, so looking in safety deposit boxes and filing cabinets is a good starting place. Some family members may also have some of the required documents, so checking in with them is helpful also.

Certificate of Death

The death certificate is required to prove that the individual has passed away to assist with asset distribution. Some companies like the Social Security Administration and other institutions will need them. It is recommended to get between two and three dozen copies to cover all the areas.

Employer Identification Number

An EIN might be another possibility of a document you need to acquire. The employer identification number helps to establish the deceased’s estate as a place to settle any remaining debts like a mortgage. The distribution can also go to individuals in the will.

Extra Information

Some other documents may be required for identification as well.

  • Divorce decree
  • Birth certificate
  • Driver’s license
  • Citizenship documentation
  • Marriage license or prenuptial agreements

Some of the information may not be necessary, but it is recommended to gather these items just in case. You will need a form of identification for the deceased included insurance information for the facilities. We recommend you include any last wishes or plans that the individual had wanted to be incorporated for the service. Things like eulogies or specific service needs may have been requested, so keeping these ready to present to the funeral home will be beneficial.

Financial Information 

A few other documents that will be needed are the power of attorneys or any living wills. The deceased may have wanted to have their organs donated or any specific instructions to follow through with. If there is a lawyer involved for the dead, reaching out to them or doctors is recommended.

cremation services in Gilbert, AZ

You may need documents like bank statements, any stocks, bonds, or retirement information. Checking for deeds like real estate contracts, titles for any vehicles, or safety deposit information are also good pieces of information to gather.

Getting the Help You Need

There are many requirements for documentation needed depending on the individual, so it is good to understand what is required. If there is no preplanning, this can make it more complicated, but with some help and searching, it can be possible to obtain the documents.

A Wise Choice Cremation & Funeral Services understand how painful the loss can be that comes with a loved one’s passing. You may be looking at cremation services in Gilbert, AZ, to help find a suitable facility for your loved one, so you want a compassionate company that is here to help. We offer affordable direct cremation services and are here to help, so give us a call today to get you started on the process.

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