Things to Know About Direct Cremation

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If you’re planning final services for a loved one, one of the options you’ll come across is direct cremation. Many funerals homes serving families in Mesa, AZ offer cremation services, so you’ll want to check out what specific packages they have. One of the options you’ll come across is direct cremation. It’s the simplest form of cremation since it strips out a lot of things that would normally be associated with a funeral service.


Read on to find out some things you need to know about direct cremation before you plan final services with a funeral director.


It Happens Right After Death

With direct cremation, there is very little delay between the time of death and the actual cremation. Once the death certificate has been secured and after all the planning has been completed, the body disposition will take place. The deceased is often cremated in whatever they had on at the time of their passing – that’s how fast direct cremation is conducted. When it comes to a funeral, there can sometimes be a delay between the death and the body disposition. This can be the case if people need time to make travel arrangements.



Because direct cremation is so simple, it is the least expensive body disposition option available. So if a death in the family occurs rather suddenly and your family doesn’t have a lot of money available, you can plan a direct cremation to stay within budget. You’ll be please to know that you won’t have to sacrifice quality and meaningfulness just to get a good deal on how much is cremation in Arizona.


No Need for Casket

With a direct cremation, the body is traditionally cremated in a simple cardboard container. So you won’t have to get an expensive casket as part of the direct cremation process. That said, some families like to spend some money to buy a nice casket. But a low-cost, simple container will suffice.


No Extra Services

Another thing to keep in mind is that direct cremations don’t include services like wakes, viewings, or visitations. And since this is the case, you won’t have to fork over money to have the deceased embalmed. It follows that body preparations, like the fixing up of hair or the applying of makeup, are not done if direct cremation is the body disposition of choice.

cremation services in Mesa, AZ

When you need help planning cremation services in Mesa, AZ, the professionals at a reputable funeral home will give you the assistance you require. There are various providers of affordable cremation and funeral options. And if you hire the right service provider, you’ll find that an affordable price doesn’t have to mean a lower-quality body disposition. One premier funeral home offers final services packages such as Direct Cremation, Family Farewell Choice, Tribute Memorial Plan, Premium Choice Funeral Service, Immediate Burial, Graveside Service Plan, and Traditional Burial Plan. For the help you need, do some research to find out about the various funeral homes in the area. You’ll want to find a funeral home that has a long track record of success, that offers various funeral and cremation packages, and that treats its customers with dignity and respect at all times.

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