Tips and Ideas to Make Writing a Veteran’s Eulogy Easier

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Military funerals are highly organized events and typically have an established routine that will not be deviated from. And whether the individual is choosing burial or cremation services in Mesa, AZ, the funeral or memorial will normally have a large amount of symbolism because this could provide a sense of comfort for the family. If you need to write a eulogy for a veteran, these require more consideration than traditional speeches, so let’s look at a few helpful suggestions.

Make a List

You want the eulogy to be organized and only highlight the most critical aspects of the individual’s life, so as you sit down and start coming up with ideas, make a list. This can include trades, experiences, and events that are meaningful and feel appropriate to talk about at the services, and it is recommended to keep your eulogy between three and five minutes in length.

Take their Experience into Consideration

Each veteran has a different experience, and while some may have died in the line of duty, others that served in battles like World War II had longer lives and made more memories. The individual’s experience will help you set the tone for the eulogy. For someone who died at an older age, it may be appropriate to insert humorous anecdotes, whereas you may want to keep the tone somber with someone who died earlier.

Express Your Feelings

If you know the individual well, it’s recommended not to be objective when talking about them. The primary purpose is to not only memorialize the deceased it also commemorates the relationship you had with them. This cannot be completed if you’re being objective, so don’t be afraid to talk about your emotions and how the individual affected you because this can create a sense of comfort and help create a sense of comfort for everyone in attendance.

Acknowledge Their Time in the Military

Another essential addition to the eulogy is to acknowledge their time in service. You can speak to friends and family about why they joined and do your best to recognize any sacrifices they made. If the individual didn’t have any specific sacrifices, that’s acceptable; just be sure to acknowledge their time in the military.

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Research the Language

one more recommendation is to do thorough research on military terminology. There’s a good chance that you may have some understanding of the terms, but typically these are filled with references from pop culture. You want to make sure the terminology is correct because this can come off as uncaring or disrespectful, so be sure to fact check any phrases or language you’re choosing.

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Creating a thoughtful and memorable eulogy can be one of the more challenging experiences in the process, but with some thorough research, it can make the entire process easier. If you have recently experienced a loss and require cremation services in Mesa, AZ, let our team help you through the process. We work hard to offer affordable and exceptional services for all our clients, so contact us today for more information.

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