What Can you do With a Loved One’s Ashes?

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There’s nothing easy about someone you love passing away and trying to make all the decisions for the service. Are you going to plan cremation services in Mesa, AZ? What kind of ceremony are you going to have? What do you do with their ashes after the cremation with service is completed?

Urn Choices

When deciding where to put your loved one’s ashes, you may consider purchasing an urn to hold them. Several different kinds are available that make a beautiful and expressive option to keep your loved one close by. They come in various materials and can range in prices depending on which one you decide to pick.

They have biodegradable, and wooden variations, also an option that fit two individuals’ ashes called companion urns, and smaller options for infants. Take into consideration your budget when making your choice so you can find one that is aesthetically pleasing and affordable.

Alternative Methods

Some alternative methods like choosing to bury the individual’s ashes and certain cemeteries have specific areas devoted to this. There are several other options on the market today to choose from.

  • Urn trees which use the individual’s ashes to nourish the tree as it grows.
  • Turning the ashes into a piece of art like blown glass or create a portrait.
  • Companies are producing memorial lamps and blown glass urns.
  • Stuffed toys our options as well that hold internal compartments to keep the ashes inside of.
  • Some artists or using the individual’s ashes and mixing it with ink that can be turned into a tattoo allowing for the individual to be with you forever.
  • Jewelry is a popular option such as a locket or a manufactured diamond made from the ash.

A few more ideas that have come out on the market are, having the ashes compressed into vinyl before a recording you choose is applied to it. Have the ashes mixed into plastic to create a frisbee or mix the remains into a cement molding recreating a reef. Time capsules and stained glass windows are also just a few more choices, so take your time and choose what feels right.cremation services in Mesa, AZ

Ceremony Options

A popular choice after a direct cremation has become scattering the individuals’ ashes and water or at a national park. Some companies are offering to scatter while skydiving for the higher spirited person. While some are choosing to put the remains into fireworks or launch them into space.

Finding the Right Fit for you

With so many options on the market, there are very few limitations now remembering your loved one. Once the cremation services in Mesa, AZ, are completed, you now have a better understanding of what your choices are and where to start. A Wise Choice Cremation & Funeral Services understands the difficulty that can come with making these end-of-life decisions for your loved one. Therefore, we offer easy and affordable cremation services, but you don’t have to travel to get to. In addition, we pride ourselves on providing you with the highest quality care on the market.

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