Lawrence “Larry” E Deuschel

Lawrence “Larry” E Deuschel

Passed: September 12, 2022

Lawrence “Larry” E Deuschel

Passed: September 12, 2022


Lawrence E. Deuschel

Lawrence, known to his family and friends as “Larry,” was a man who kept his family close, and the 49ers even closer. He has now risen to the Grandstands to watch the next game from the best seats in the house. The toll of his life’s endeavors simply grew too great, leaving him to pass peacefully in his sleep on September 12th, 2022, with his family and loving wife by his side.

Larry was a driven man who knew the value of hard labor and always worked for what he wanted. While he never struck gold through his work efforts, or with the Niners, he always worked diligently for the benefit of his family. He loved spending his time with his wife and splurging in the passions of Football, Golf, Cars, and the many other hobbies that piqued his interest. These passions may seem simple to some, but for a simple man, they were enough for a happy life.

Larry started his life in California making a home and raising an amazing family until eventually moving to AZ, his place of retirement and now eternal slumber. Some say he chose Arizona for its economy and to build his foundation for his growing family but I, his Grandson, think it was for year-round golfing weather and cheaper tee times.

Whether it be his quirky humor, hardworking diligence, or moral support (all of which seemed to be in endless supply), his traits have been passed on to all his family, including me. The cringe on my family’s face when I display the humor inherited from him proves his legacy will live on forever.

Larry’s life philosophy:

1. Nothing is ever too big of a big deal, and there’s no hole you can’t dig yourself out of until
your demise.

2. Without something to hope for, you can’t have optimism. Hoping for fortune doesn’t count but hoping for the opportunity to earn your fortune was his way. He always hoped for health and prosperity for his family and wished the 49ers would win the Super Bowl and wished for world peace (maybe, don’t quote me on that last one).

3. Sharing is caring, and smiles are contagious, especially his. Even in his final days, he smiled and showed his strength despite knowing what was to come. He didn’t laugh in the face of death, but he smiled, and it welcomed him, which allowed for his peaceful passing.

To list all those who he is survived by would require more words than most are willing to read, so I’ll leave that in the user agreement that no one ever reads. Just know, his family is large, and he is survived through all the endless happy memories he has left behind. His Children, Grandchildren, Great Grandchildren, and all the other Great people yet to join this world on his family tee (see what I did there?), will all live on knowing how Loving, Supportive, and Undeniably Charismatic Lawrence (Larry) Deuschel really was.

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