5 Common Reasons a Death Certificate Will be Required After Loss

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The initial days after a loss can be a confusing time of planning and getting the cremation services in Apache Junction, AZ, organized. One of the major actions that will need to be taken is closing down the deceased’s accounts. Many agencies will need to be contacted, so let’s look at just a few of the most important ones.

How Do You Obtain the Death Certificate?

The death certificate will typically be accessed through your state’s vital records department. And it is recommended to get at least one dozen copies of the document.


If the deceased had an insurance policy, you would need certified copies, depending on the type of insurance. Be sure to send the certificate as early as possible because it can take time for the agency to process the request. If any funeral or burial insurance were in place, these companies would also require a document copy.

Retirement Plans

If the individual is retired, they may have a variety of income sources. The most common is social security, but there are also programs like 401k, or personal Roth accounts to address. In most cases, these companies will need a certified copy of the death certificate and the appropriate forms.

Title Transfers

Assets are not uncommon to be left behind, and anything from a home to vehicles may need to change ownership. A notarized signature is typically used when transferring, but in this case, you will need a copy of the certificate before the transfer happens.


Bank accounts, stocks, bonds, and business accounts will also need to be managed, and it is recommended to contact the bank to ensure you are following all protocols. It is recommended to do this step before getting the death certificate to ensure you have all the appropriate paperwork and can complete the process.

Transferring the Remains

There are also some scenarios where the remains need to be moved after the death. There are many laws around this process that may become more complex if you travel across state lines. You can speak with the cremation service company or the funeral director to help give you more information about this process.

cremation services in Apache Junction, AZ

When do You Not Need a Death Certificate?

There are several scenarios where a certified death certificate may not be required, and a copy will be enough. In most cases, Social Security, credit cards, cell phone plans, and canceling someone’s driver’s license will not require the original document. And you can always contact them to confirm if any extra information is needed.

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