Compassion Fatigue Can be an Exhausting Experience, so Here are a Few Ways to Identify it and Keep a Balance in Your Life

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After a loss, individuals will typically need extra support to help them get through the experience. There can be multiple activities they have to complete, including daily tasks to planning the cremation services in Mesa, AZ. When this is compounded with grief, it can make it more complicated, so if you are supporting someone after a loss, compassion fatigue can occur quickly. Understanding how to take care of yourself is crucial, so let’s look at five great tips.

What is Compassion Fatigue?

Compassion fatigue typically happens for those in caregiving fields When an individual has given too much for another person or situation. Specific symptoms can arise from job dissatisfaction to fatigue, so if you spend significant time caring for an individual, preventative maintenance is critical. Without this, you may experience decreased productivity or turn to negative behaviors to try to compensate, so integrating a self-care practice can help bring balance to your day.

Learn the Signs

The best way to understand compassion fatigue is to look for signs. Recognizing any disruptive or negative symptoms can help you better control the situation and help you maintain your ability to support the individual as they are processing the loss.

Engage in Fun Activities

Having outside interests is also highly recommended. This will allow you to meet other people and participate in activities you enjoy. This can lift your spirits and get you out of the environment so you can focus on yourself and do something that feels rejuvenating.

Eat the Right Foods and Exercise

The right fuel for the body is another way to help it function properly. And if you’re dealing with compassion fatigue, it’s more important to not only have a nutritious breakfast but be sure to get the proper exercise because this can help enhance your stamina. Both of these will contribute to better sleep, which can help reduce the risk of fatigue and give you a greater chance of preventing compassion fatigue from taking hold.

Seek Out Support

It can be incredibly challenging to support someone going through grief, so it’s encouraged to seek out support where you need it. This could mean talking to friends and family or working with a support group of others with the same experience to help you feel a sense of connection and that you aren’t alone.

Take Time for You

The last recommendation is to delegate tasks to other individuals. This could mean asking friends or family members to step in and help or hiring an outside agency for services like cleaning or yard care to reduce stress.

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Honest and Trusted Services

Compassion fatigue commonly comes on quickly and is not predictable so if you are caring for someone that’s undergone a loss, be sure to practice these five steps. And if you have recently experienced a loss and need professional cremation services in Mesa, AZ, our team is here to support you. We are a family-owned and operated company and work hard to provide affordable services for our clients, so contact us today to get started.

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