Finding Ways to Remember Your Loved One at the Holidays Is Easier With these Thoughtful Ideas

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The holidays present a chance to practice good cheer, go to gatherings, and engage in laughter, but it can be a more challenging experience for someone going through a loss. Once the cremation services in Mesa, AZ, are completed, this can begin a transitionary time in an individual’s life. Celebrating can feel more challenging and finding ways to remember the person during holidays may feel like the appropriate action. There are several excellent options to accomplish this, so let’s look at a few ideas.

Gather Together

One of the best ways to remember a loved one is by gathering with loved ones and sharing stories. This activity brings people together and can create a connection to the deceased, particularly around more challenging times of the year.

Incorporate Meaningful Objects

Whether it is something you were gifted with or belonged to the deceased, it can be helpful to carry them, especially in challenging times. You may also consider gathering various objects and placing them together in a special container that can be pulled out and used to reminisce about the person’s life.

Have a Candle Lighting Ceremony

Memorial candles are another great option and burning them in memory of the deceased is encouraged. Typically, people will set up an area in the home during holidays to honor the loved one. Several companies specialize in personalization options so you can custom order candles with your loved one’s information on them.

Write them a Letter

It’s not uncommon for words to be left unsaid when an individual passes away, so why not consider writing the deceased a letter? Writing or saying it in a conversational tone, is an opportunity to express any emotions or feelings about the loss, and this process can help move through some of the more complex emotions and create a sense of comfort.

Explore the Grief

As the grief process evolves, it’s not uncommon for other forms of grief to arise during the healing experience—feelings can arise around missing the individual’s presence and yearning to share new experiences with them. Being open to these emotions and understanding it’s a normal part of someone passing away can help alleviate some pain and make the experience more manageable.

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Create a Memory Book

It can be a healing experience to look through a book that displays your loved one’s legacy. If you have images, artwork, or any other items that are special to the individual, you can include all of these in an album to create a beautiful and thoughtful memory book to enjoy anytime.

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Finding ways to gain a sense of comfort after loss is crucial, especially around the holidays, and these are just a few of the most popular options. And if you have recently suffered a loss and are looking for cremation services in Mesa, AZ, our team is here to help you. We are locally owned and offer affordable, high-quality services, so contact us today.

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