Choosing the Right Location for the Funeral is Key, so Here are Some Excellent Options

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January 2, 2023
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Whether you choose burial or cremation services in Gilbert, AZ, the funeral can be the most essential part of the process. It offers an opportunity to pay tribute to the individual, so you want to choose a location that feels authentic. If you are looking for a more nontraditional space, let’s look at some of the best options.

Hold it on a Boat

Individuals are now starting to utilize boats as an option for memorial services. It is considered an alternative option, and, in most cases, a scattering ceremony will be completed aboard the vessel. This can be an excellent option for anyone who served in the Navy, loved to surf, or worked directly with the water.

Have it in a Park

local and state parks are known for their natural beauty and obedience. They could offer a unique and unconventional venue to hold the memorial. If the individual had a specific area they love to hike, you might consider visiting their favorite locations and reminiscing about them. Consider bringing drinks or snacks or creating a potluck-style gathering where everyone can participate.

Brewery or Wineries

Typically, individuals will get together and have a drink in memory of the loved one, so why not consider having the event at a brewery or winery? If the loved one had a specific location that they enjoyed, you could ask if the tasting room is reservable and create a unique get-together with loved ones to enjoy the deceased’s favorite beverage.

Honor them in a Botanical Garden

If the individual had a deep love for flowers and gardening, a Botanical Garden might be the right location to hold their memorial. This can be a beautiful and thoughtful way to highlight something they loved while simultaneously creating a relaxing and meaningful experience for the attendees.

Near the Water

More people are choosing beaches to remember their loved ones with the memorial. And even though the body won’t be present, you can still create the same feeling a traditional service offers. In addition, including flowers for the guests to release after the event is completed can be a great way to create a sense of sending off the loved one.

cremation services in Gilbert, AZ

At a Favorite University

If the deceased had a university they were devoted to, consider this another location option. Some campuses have chapels or designated areas that may be reserved to hold these events and honor individuals who have passed away.

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There is no doubt that choosing the appropriate location can make a difference in the experience, and planning something more unconventional might feel like the right choice. Having support during the planning process is crucial and if you require affordable add, professional cremation services in Gilbert, AZ, let us help you through the process. We are a locally owned company it takes great pride in offering compassionate support and streamlined services for all our clients, so call us today For more information.

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