Funerals Play a Key Role in Our History, so here are Some Unique Facts to Consider

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Funerals are an essential part of grieving the loss of a loved one, and if you have started planning the cremation services in Mesa, AZ, you might be considering ways to remember them. While a funeral can be a bittersweet and challenging experience, they are essential to highlight the individual’s legacy. There are many different ceremonies and rituals around the world, and we have listed just a few of the most interesting facts about them here.

Wearing Black Started with the Romans

It is not uncommon to find individuals dressed in black after a loved one passes away. And while some occasions call for color variations, wearing black is believed to date back to the Roman era. Individuals wore dark-colored toga after a loved one passed away, which became more popular once the Victorians adopted it.

At One Time, Burial was More Common than Cremation

Evidence suggests that cremation was used as far back as the Anglo-Saxon period. However, burials became a more popular option for a short period because they were associated with the Christian faith of being resurrected, so cremation could not be considered. Eventually, its popularity increased; now, it is just as common as a traditional burial.

Flowers and Candles Weren’t Always Used Specifically for Decoration

There is a large amount of symbolism around candles and flowers used at memorials. However, because there was a lack of preservation options for bodies, it is believed that their use initially started to help mask unpleasant odors.

Headstones Became Popular in the Victoria Era

It was not uncommon to find grave markers throughout history, but it wasn’t until the Victorian era that they became more personalized and popular. People started including Bible verses, messages, inscriptions, and even some art leading to the demand for customization options that we have today.

The First Cremation was Over 20,000 Years Ago

Cremation is a regularly requested option for individuals after they pass away. And even though it went through a period where it wasn’t as popular as burial, the oldest evidence of cremation is believed to have happened over 20,000 years ago.

Wakes Weren’t Always for Family Gatherings

When it comes to wakes, this tradition is now focused on allowing others to give condolences to the family members. However, when they dated back to pre-Christian times, they were more commonly held in case a loved one woke up.

When You Need a Trusted Professional, we are Here for You

Many traditions and rites take place around individuals passing away and have been adopted throughout history. And although some of them have been altered, they still hold deep significance for some individuals, making them an essential part of the process after a loss.

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