Holidays Can be Challenging After Loss, so Here is a List of Ways to Remember that Special Person

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January 23, 2023
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If the holidays were a time of the year your loved one truly enjoyed, their absence could make it more important to find ways to remember them. And while cremation services in Gilbert, AZ, can help lay them to rest, the holidays can be more challenging, so let’s take a look at seven ways to honor them during the holidays.

1. Watch Old Movies or Look at Photos

Old videos and photos can be excellent content to help reminisce and remind you of memorable experiences you had with the individual. If you have printed images, consider making a memorial album and inviting friends or family members to partake in the experience.

2. Gift Some of Their Belongings

Loss can make it challenging to part with an individual’s belongings, and the holidays are the perfect time to consider doing this. Wrapping up a few special items the deceased valued and gifting them to friends or family can be a genuinely thoughtful experience. In addition, you could also include a card that lets them know the importance of the item and why you chose to give it to them.

3. Create a Memory Website

Memorial websites are growing in popularity because they can be a place to share information about the deceased’s legacy. The website can be created on your own, or some companies specialize in this service, and you can update the information with content like photos or videos, stories, or messages from individuals who knew them.

4. Make a Donation in Their Name

If the deceased had a charity or cause they followed, consider donating in their name. Homeless shelters, food pantries, churches, spiritual centers, and nursing homes all can utilize the extra support and be a great way to help your community in your loved one’s memory.

5. Use Favorite Decorations

Decorations are a standard part of the holidays and if the deceased had specific favorites they used, consider including them in your choices. You could also make a memorial ornament customized with meaningful phrases and decorations or place a photo inside a glass bauble.

6. Engage in a Meaningful Activity

Events like movies, parties, and activities are a normal part of holiday traditions. If the deceased had specific favorites they enjoyed, this could be a great way to remember them and foster a feeling of comfort.

7. Take a Trip

It is not uncommon for individuals to travel around the holidays. Going to a favorite destination can be a way to create memorable experiences, so if your loved one had a specific location they enjoyed visiting, consider taking a trip to the destination.

cremation services in Gilbert, AZ

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