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December 27, 2021
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If someone you love has passed away and you are looking at scheduling funeral or cremation services in Mesa, AZ, you might wonder what other options to implement into the event. You want to create a unique service as the individual was, and this may require some specialized organization to offer up a service that is as memorable as they were. Here are some choices you can utilize for your event.

Inspiration for the Ears

Music can speak to people’s souls and help define who an individual is based on what they listen to. One great way to offer up some personalization is to create a playlist of favorite music that the individual loved. In most cases, the funeral home or property you decide to utilize will allow you to have external options played at the events, so inquire with the director before proceeding.

Stories Live On 

Perhaps the person was a reader and had a series or favorite author that they adored. Another great option is to offer quotes or poems from a book or series that will tie in nicely with the event.

Customization of Character 

Everyone has a hobby, so taking the time to request specific clothing for a favorite genre such as fantasy fiction or encouraging attendees to dress in the color scheme of their special sports team can be a fun way to remember them. If this does not feel appropriate at the funeral, you may also consider holding a celebration of life based on joy and a light-hearted nature for the function.

Feeding the Soul

Food is always a great way to connect people and bring them together, so knowing what the individual loves in terms of snacks or drinks can be a great addition. If you are planning on having a full meal, it may be welcome to create the favorite foods of the loved one, or you can also consider offering a gift to provide the attendees, such as candy or treat for coming to the service.

Other Alternatives

In most cases, words can help people connect, particularly in times of pain or hardship. Asking individuals if they are available to give eulogies is another excellent recommendation. Offering a chance for anyone in attendance to share their favorite memory or fond story can be a great way to reconnect with their loved ones.

In some cases, people have made tributes in the form of a video for the individual. These are a great way to showcase how important the person was and what they offered to the people around them.

Quality Through the Years 

A Wise Choice Cremation & Funeral Services knows how difficult it can be to lose a loved one and want you to know we are here to help. We take pride in offering compassionate care for our local community and work hard to make service planning an easy process for all our clients. If you need cremation services in Mesa, AZ, we want to support you through the process, so give us a call today.

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