Ways to Say Thank you After a Funeral

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Loss is a painful endeavor, and when they start planning the event while processing the grief that comes, they may need some extra assistance with help around the home or making arrangements. There are five stages of grief, and when the loss is new, it can be confusing for an individual to have to cover all the bases so friends or family may pitch in to help with the funeral or cremation services in Gilbert, AZ.

In the situation that support was offered somehow, it is recommended and appropriate to send gestures to thank those who helped, and here are some great ways to show gratitude.

In Writing

In most cases, a simple card might be an acceptable response, and it is recommended to include a list of appropriate individuals for this situation. It is not required to send a card to everyone who came to the service and helped, just those who you feel participated in a way that would be considered supportive for you.

There may be those who offered flowers and their presence at the event, and some who physically showed up to help around the house and were consistently a part of the grief process. In either case, the individual can choose what is appropriate to offer for correspondence.

When creating a note for someone, it is good to let them know how they assisted and how much it was appreciated. It is acceptable to limit how much is being said in the writing, and some good statements are:

  • You helped lessen the stress
  • The kindness you showed was comforting
  • Having you there offered some solace
  • Your support was invaluable
  • Thank you for taking the time to be present at the funeral

If the person is not a close family member, some acceptable statements for closing the document can be:

  • With care
  • With gratitude
  • Sincerely

Other Options

You may feel that a note is not enough in some cases, so it is recommended to offer small gifts in addition to the writing. Choosing appropriate items might be challenging in some cases, so offering a gift card for a dining experience, flowers, or creating a basket of treats can also be a rewarding process.

cremation services in Gilbert, AZ

A Trusted Source

When it comes to creating an event for a loved one, it can be stressful to manage everything that may go into it. Having close friends or family there is highly beneficial to help offer support while balancing everything else that needs to be done. Having compassionate individuals who are understanding will help with the grief process and being able to thank them for that is a gift.

A Wise Choice Cremation & Funeral Services understands how painful loss can be and take pride in serving our community with the highest quality customer service on the market. We specialize in multiple options, including cremation services in Gilbert, AZ, and would love to help create an event that is not only memorable but authentic for your loved one. We are here to help, so give us a call today to set up your appointment.

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