If You Want a Truly Unique Urn for Your Loved One, here are Popular Options

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After your loved one has passed away and you need to schedule the cremation services in Gilbert, AZ, you will need to choose a vessel to house their remains called an urn. These vessels have been used for thousands of years, but if you’re looking for something less than traditional, we have gathered a list of ideas that individuals incorporate, so keep reading for more information.

Use a Favored Item

  • Cookie Jar: If the individual spent a lot of time in the kitchen and loved to bake, you may consider using a favorite container they had, like a cookie jar, to store their remains. It can create a truly thoughtful and creative urn because you can decorate the outside of it and have it inscribed to express their significance in your life.
  • Garden Item: If the individual had a lot of gardening items, you could incorporate these as a way to hold their remains. Having the ashes combined with concrete to create steppingstones or using a favorite watering can both be options for a place to store them well while honoring who they were.
  • Toolbox: You may consider using their toolbox for the loved one who liked to tinker or work on vehicles. This could be inscribed or adorned with personalized decorations while at the same time holding their remains in any favorite tools they had.
  • Tackle Box: Fishing is a pastime that many people enjoy and like how to favorite over others; you could, outside of it was lures that you start base as well the same time using inside to keep their remains safe.

Replica Model

If the loved one had a favorite vehicle or vessel, you might consider getting a model replica. You could then decorate the outside with any inscriptions or paintings that you feel are appropriate while at the same time housing their remains.


There are companies specializing for book lovers after they have passed on by creating a book that’s hollow on the inside. While externally, it looks like a standard book by individuals, information can be inscribed on the outside, and you will know that you’ve created a unique earn style for your loved one.

cremation services in Gilbert, AZ

Picture Frame

Other companies are providing individuals with picture frames that have a space built into them to hold the remains, but you could also put a favorite picture and use it as a standard frame.

We Offer Quality and Care

As you can see, these are just a few of the alternative options for creating non-traditional urns for your loved one’s remains. There are many other choices, so it’s recommended to do some research before choosing just one to create a truly personalized option.

If you are looking for affordable and streamlined services, we are here to help. We have been in business for over 50 years providing the highest quality cremation services in Gilbert, AZ, and would love to help you through the process from start to finish, so contact us today for an appointment.

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