5 Common Cremation Myths

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When it comes to cremation services in Mesa, AZ, you may have heard different ideas that individuals have about this process, but in some cases, these are not true. We want you to be well informed, especially if you have to decide and lay a loved one to rest so that you do not doubt the right choices. Here are five common myths around cremation to help bring you some clarity and ease in your decision.

Cremation is the Cheapest Option

One of the first myths out there is that cremation might be one of the cheapest options available, and when you look at average costs, this can be true in certain situations. Burial will require specialized caskets, maintenance for the graveyard, headstone purchase, and embalming, which will add up quickly. But the thing that makes this untrue is that if you skip all of these items and do a direct burial, it may be cheaper than traditional cremation.

The Remains are Ashes

In most cases, the term ashes are used simply because it helps identify the remains look like, but this is not true. The remains are bone matter that’s been pulverized down through a machine. Everything else the individual had would have been incinerated and turned into a fine grainy powder. The actual remains look more like coarse sand and have a gray or off-white color.

There Might Be a Mix up at the Crematory

There is a common fear or concern that individuals might have that their loved one may go to a different family or end up with the wrong individual. Any reputable company is going to be part of the International Cemetery Cremation or Funeral Association, and they all have specific rules around cremation. one of these main rules is that the cremation authority should not be creating more than one individual’s remains in the same chamber unless it has been otherwise authorized.

Funerals Aren’t Allowed with Cremation

Some people believe that you can’t have a traditional funeral along with the cremation; this also isn’t true. You do have the choice to have any kind of burial or memorial service alongside the cremation. You can even choose to have the individual involved to have a viewing before laying them to rest.

cremation services in Mesa, AZ

You Can’t Scatter Ashes

The last myth in this list is that you can’t scatter the ashes, but this isn’t true. Scattering is legal and can be done at almost any location in most cases. If you are choosing to scatter on a piece of private property that is not yours, you will need to check with the legal owner first before doing this, and it can also be recommended to check with your local EPA agencies to see if there’s any regulations or rules in place.

Professional Services and Dependable Care

These are just a few of the myths on the market, and if you are looking for cremation services in Mesa, AZ, and have more questions, we can help. We are locally owned and experienced in many different services, so contact us today if you’re looking for the highest quality compassionate care.

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