Is a Memorial Service Right for Your Loved One?

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If you have no experience, planning a funeral might be confusing when your loved one passes away. Do you choose a funeral home service or cremation services in Gilbert, AZ? And how do you schedule these events? Regardless of the service, the focus is about honoring the person who is passed away.

Memorial services have been referred to as celebrations of life—this focus accent the deceased in a more uplifting and positive way than with a solemn event. The celebration can consist of things like sharing photographs or memories with the individual’s loved ones. These services tend to be smaller and are more personalized towards the recently deceased wishes. The experience is to bring the friends and family together, which can create a deep impact for healing as they process their grief. It also fosters a sense of connection to the local community, depending on who is involved.

What is Included?

The memorial service is intended to be a personalized event, so taking into consideration ways to make the affair an extraordinary one is a priority. Some individuals have taken the time to supply video footage or things like slideshows of favorite photos to tribute their care for the individual who has passed away. Another option is to have a designated area that can write down memories or favorite quotes to help contribute to the celebration.

Another great idea is to offer a token or trinket that the attendees can take with them at the end of the service. And keeping in mind that the event can be a more relaxed celebration can also help contribute to healing if there is laughter involved.

Things Needed for a Memorial Service

Figure out where to hold the service is the priority, so it is up to you whether you want it to be in a church or a less formal environment. Some individuals hold them in the Funeral Home, but ultimately, it’s based on what the deceased would have wanted and the individual organizing it.

Starting a group prayer or reciting poetry. Another option is to add in favorite quotes that the loved one has read or coming up with your own.

Creating a memorial for the loved one that can be added to by the attendees. This can allow them to add a personal touch to the meaningful memorial.cremation services in Gilbert, AZ

Because music deeply affects individuals, it’s recommended to have some favorite songs of the deceased. Music can be used as a powerful tool to help in remembering and in the healing process.

The last option is to record the celebration. This can be beneficial for those who cannot attend, and it allows you to reflect after the event has passed.

Exceptional Service in Your Time of Loss

Planning a cremation service in Gilbert, AZ, can be frustrating. Understanding all the details of what needs to be completed can be overwhelming, and A Wise Choice Cremation and Funeral Services want to make your process an easier one. We are here to support you with kindness and care, so please give us a call with any questions or concerns.

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