Options and Ideas for Honoring the Veteran in Your Life After They Pass Away

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December 12, 2022
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Popular Alternative Ideas for Your Loved One’s Memorial
December 26, 2022
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Preparing an event for a veteran is a special ceremony that honors the individual. And whether you’re choosing traditional burial or cremation services in Gilbert, AZ, you want the event to reflect their impact on the world around them. Finding ways to commemorate their military career is essential, so let’s look at some of the most popular options to include.

Have a Guest Book

Guest books are typically part of memorial services, but there are customized options for military events. The book offers a space for individuals to leave comments or stories about the loved one, and it can be a comforting item to read at more challenging times of the year.

Include a Display

Being in the military meant spending long periods away from family and friends, so honoring that time is crucial. A display commemorating this can be included in the event’s decorations portion, and the set-up could look like having various items placed around the room. From photos to medals, hanging them on a wall or placing them on a table are great options to showcase their career.

Incorporate a Tribute

Tributes are another traditional detail at memorials and can be an excellent option for highlighting the person’s life. The document should be between 5-10 minutes long and can consist of photos or videos along with the narration about the content. It is also recommended to have friends or family members add their content to make it more meaningful and memorable.

Make it a Celebration of Life

Celebrations of life are an alternative option to traditional memorials. They are seen as less formal and more lighthearted and joyful. The focus is on highlighting how the individual brought positivity into the world. In addition, the celebrations are typically held at locations with special meaning to the deceased, such as a park or the beach.

Have a Flag Ceremony

The flag ceremony is another key way to commemorate their military career. In most cases, the flag will be draped over the casket or having a traditional flag ceremony where the flag casket arrived by a horse-drawn caisson, depending on the individual’s ranking. Three volleys are fired, taps will be played, and the flag is folded 13 times and presented to the family members.

Bury them in Their Uniform

Another recommendation to honor the individual for their time and service is to bury them in uniform. This clothing is held in high regard and kept with them until they pass away. Choosing this detail can be very personal, so take some time to ensure it is the right decision.

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