Creating a Unique Memorial is Easier with these Helpful Suggestions

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Cremation services in Apache Junction, AZ, are an excellent way to commemorate an individual’s life, and if you are choosing to have a memorial, you may want to add in some unique aspects. These services can vary from person to person, and if you’re seeking something less traditional, they can be accommodated for this. We want you to understand some of the most popular options on the market, so we have them listed here for you.

Create a Painting

Memorial paintings are an option growing in popularity, and you might consider having a piece commissioned by a local artist because it can be a great option. Utilizing a favorite photo can be a way to express the pain of loss while simultaneously creating a beautiful piece of art that can be hung at the memorial services for others to enjoy.

Custom Candles

Ordering customized candles can be another great addition to the services. This is particularly true if they are personalized with a photo and some words about the individual. And if you’re planning on having a lighting ceremony, you might consider creating these as a gift option to give to the attendees who came to the services so everyone can participate.

Show Off Their Hobby

Individuals have all sorts of hobbies that they love and passions that they pursue throughout their lives, so why not incorporate them into the event? You might consider making the main centerpiece, and whether this involves stamps, figurines, or rocks, they can all be a great representation of something the individual loved and help others feel connected to them through this.

Add a Theme

Themes can be a fun way to remember an individual, especially if you’re having a celebration of life. If the individual had a specific thing they loved, such as chocolate chip cookies or a favorite color, you could incorporate this into the event to make it a truly unique experience.

Hire a Band

Music is not uncommon to include at memorial services, and hiring a band, finding a choir to play music, or staying at the event can be a deeply touching experience. Events like celebrations around the individual’s memory could almost be seen as a party, so that that live music can be the perfect addition to this experience.

Incorporate a Slideshow

The last recommendation is to make a slideshow with photos of the individual it can be shown during the event. You can also play music or run it in the background during the food and beverage service. Slide shows are typically between three and five minutes long depending on the individual, so choose images that are appropriate and that truly highlight the person’s legacy.

Cremation services in Apache Junction, AZ

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Creating a unique and thoughtful memorial service doesn’t have to be a complicated process; taking time to consider who the loved one was can help you make the right choices. And if you’re looking for support planning cremation services in Apache Junction, AZ, we are here for you. Our main priority is to offer affordable and personalized services for all our clients, so contact us today for more information.

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