The Best Way to Make a Funeral Memorable is Through Customization, so Let’s Look at Six Unique Ideas

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February 20, 2023
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We understand how stressful planning funeral and cremation services in Gilbert, AZ, can be, and there are several key ways to help make the event more personalized. Your loved one was unique and adding customized details can make it a truly memorable event. So, let’s look at the primary considerations needed to create authentic services.

Did Your Loved One Have any Preferences?

One of the first primary considerations is how the individual will be laid to rest. Will they be cremated, entombed, or buried? There are other options like body donation, and if you have never had a conversation about this with them, speak to family members or look for paperwork that may list a preference.

Picking a Custom Urn or Casket

Some put little thought into the type of casket or urn they choose; however, they can be an excellent way to celebrate the loved one’s legacy. Urns and caskets can now be customized in many ways, including camouflage, decorated with favorite colors, or having personalized inscriptions.

Choose Someone Who Knew the Deceased to Give the Eulogy

Memorials and funerals feel more personalized when someone familiar with the deceased gives the eulogy, so ask someone that feels appropriate. In addition, if your loved one had a specific religion they followed, this could be included in the speech.

Have a Photo Display

Photos can be an excellent way to commemorate an individual’s life after passing away. One of the nicest options to incorporate is having a display, presentation, or collage of photos. By choosing several images from various parts of the individual’s life, you create a unique and genuinely customized addition to the event.

Gift a Small Token to the Attendees

If the individual was known in the community for something specific, like a favorite cookie recipe, consider giving this as a gift to the attendees. Or perhaps they collected particular kinds of memorabilia, purchasing replicas on a smaller scale and handing them out as memorial tokens could be another excellent way to create a customized service.

Customize the Food and Decorations

Whether the deceased had a favorite kind of coffee, entrée, or baked good, consider serving these at the event in honor of their memory. You could also incorporate unique decoration details like favorite colors, flowers, or other items that feel like thoughtful reminders of the individual’s personality.

cremation services in Gilbert, AZ

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You can only do your best if you need to plan a funeral, and sometimes it can be challenging to make the decisions that come with the services. Between paying for the funeral home expenses and purchasing a plot or urn, this can feel challenging, and we are here to help you through the process.

We have been a trusted name for over 50 years, and we specialize in offering affordable cremation services in Gilbert, AZ, streamlined to meet our client’s needs. Our focus is providing personalized care and creating memorable events, so contact us today.

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