The Urn is Essential, and Here are Some Great Ideas to Personalize It

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Thousands of different urns are available that can be utilized after the cremation services in Gilbert, AZ, making it a confusing process to pick one. Having a better understanding of what’s available can make the entire process easier, so let’s look at some of the options and considerations in this article.

Picking a Use for the Urn

Your primary consideration for choosing an urn is going to be understanding what it will be used for. If you would like to store the remains and have them handed down through your family, you will want to pick a long-lasting material to avoid any potential breaks or spills. On the other hand, if you’re planning on burying or scattering the ashes, you could look at biodegradable choices for your material selection.

Getting the Right Design

Another way to create a personalized urn is to pick a design that feels appropriate and authentic. This could mean considering who the individual was, and you might look at items that represent their personality or if they have any hobbies or passions that they pursued, using containers that signify this.

A few examples can include:

  • Choosing a design that has wavy lines for someone what’s more artistic
  • Picking geometric shapes or mathematical style urns for the individual who was logical and conservative
  • Using favored items around the home, such as a cookie jar or tackle box
  • If the individual had a favorite vessel like a boat or a vehicle, you might consider getting a replica of this to store their remains in

Add a Splash of Color

Color can evoke different feelings and individuals, and if a specific shade or tone reminds you of the loved one, this could be another way to add some personalization to the urn. You could also take one step further and customize a material that you can paint yourself to create your unique look and style for the vessel.

Incorporate an Image or Words

The last consideration for a unique urn is to add words or images to the container. This may include any favorite photos or pictures representing the person and what they meant to you, like animals, plants, or hobbies.

Adding in words combined with the images can also help enhance it further. And you might consider adding in favorite phrases, Bible quotes, or song lyrics, or make up your special phrases or passages about the individual.

cremation services in Gilbert, AZ

We Offer Affordable and Compassionate Care

The urn is one of the essential aspects and detail after an individual passes away. This is because this is where the remains will be stored, and you could create a unique piece ranging from traditional face style to a unique art sculpture for your home, so choose accordingly.

When it comes to getting affordable and professional cremation services in Gilbert, AZ, we are a locally trusted name in exceptional care. We work hard to provide all our clients with memorable and authentic services, so contact us today for more information.

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