What is the Purpose of an Urn?

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Once an individual has planned the cremation services in Gilbert, AZ, they will need to purchase an urn for their loved one. If you are planning the event, you may be experiencing some confusion about what an urn is used for and how you pick the right one. Urns have been used for thousands of years as a home for the ashes of the dead. There are many different varieties on the market and even eco-friendly and biodegradable variations depending on your needs.

Different Choices and Costs

Urns can vary depending on what you pick and how extravagant you want to go to celebrate your loved one. They can start as low as $50 and range into the thousands and come in various sizes.

Standard Size

The normal size should hold around 200 cubic inches, which is about the size of an average adult after they have been cremated. There are smaller options called keepsakes that are intended for children.

Companion Urns

The companion urns are intended to keep individuals together after they have passed away. There are two options for this case, one that will fit double the number of ashes or allows for two separate urns to remain on the same foundation.

Jewelry and Glass

Another choice is to have the individual’s remains turned into a piece of glass to display as art. Some companies will even turn the loved one’s remains into a piece of jewelry to always have them with you. One company specializes in turning the ashes into a wearable diamond.

Different Types of Urn Materials

There are different kinds of materials like marble, gold, bronze, and ceramic that can be used to create the urn. There are also wood options and other forms of metals that can be applied. but if you plan to put the container in the ground, you may want to check with the cemetery to see any regulations.


If you’re buying an urn online, you will need to provide the cubic meters or the weight to fit into the container. There are different shapes, with the standard being brought at the top and narrow at the bottom, but your options are almost limitless with our world being more online.

A Company that Cares

One more thing to consider is if you’re keeping the vessel as long-term or temporary housing for the deceased. Consider if you’re going to bring the remains to the service and where they will be stored and ensure that the contents are sealed, preventing spills.

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