What’s an Un Vault? And Why Would You Want One?

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After cremation services in Gilbert, AZ, you may decide to place your deceased family member’s ashes in an urn. You can take the urn home with you or even possibly bury the run. One thing to consider is that you might require an urn vault if you want to bury the urn in a cemetery. An urn vault is a container where an urn is placed just before being buried in a cemetery.

What follows is a closer look at urn vaults and why you might need to buy one after buying an urn.


An urn vault is going to safeguard the structural integrity of the urn containing your loved one’s ashes. If you don’t use an urn vault, the urn may become harmed as time passes. So if you want something that will keep the urn intact, then you’ll wan to consider an urn vault.

Required for Cemetery Burial

It is crucial to keep in mind that an urn vault is a necessity in numerous situations. You will not require an urn vault if you want to bury the urn on your property or on the property of someone else in your family. However, if you and yours wish to bury the urn in a cemetery, you might not have much choice in the matter in terms of whether or not to buy an urn. The reason for this is that most cemeteries mandate that an urn vault be used before an urn can be buried in a plot.

The Price is Right

An additional advantage of an urn vault is that they are affordable. Let the funeral director know your budget, take a look at the general price list documenting the urns offered, and then choose one that fits both your needs and your budget.

cremation services in Gilbert, AZPersonalization

It is easy to modify and personalize the urn vault. Your loved one was distinctly unique – so you might want an urn and an urn vault that are both equally unique. You can choose the material you want, select the style you want, and even choose an inscription if you want one.


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