Why Should You Choose Direct Cremation?

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It’s no secret that more and more people are choosing cremation. You might not know, however, that there are different types of cremation packages offered by funeral homes. If you and your family are concerned about the cost of planning a body disposition, you’ll want to carefully consider a direct cremation with a provider of cremation services in Mesa, AZ.

A direct cremation is the simplest kind of final service. But “simple” doesn’t mean lesser than. It’s just that some people prefer a more streamlined and straightforward body disposition. Since a direct cremation only includes what is required and strips out the extras, it’s the most cost-effective final service method. Here’s a look at some reasons why direct cremation is a good option.

It’s Less Costly

One thing you’ll notice right off the bat when comparing a direct cremation with a funeral service and casket burial is that you can save a lot of money by planning a direct cremation. If you and your family are short on funds and don’t wish to go into debt, then a direct cremation is the logical choice as far as body disposition options go. With a direct cremation, you can skip the embalming, skip the casket, skip the burial vault, skip the visitation or wake, and even skip the funeral ceremony in a church. What this means is that you and your family can save a lot of money. But don’t think that reducing expenses means cheapening the body disposition. It most certainly does not. What some families do after a direct cremation is plan a memorial service or a celebration of life service in order to commemorate the deceased in a meaningful way.

cremation services in Mesa, AZIt’s Less Complicated

It’s a lot easier to plan a direct cremation than it is to plan a funeral service. So if you’d rather not have to make a whole lot of decisions before the body disposition is completed, then you’ll want to consider a direct cremation. The process is relatively simple, and the funeral director will be there to offer guidance and any other assistance you might need.

It’s Completed without Needless Delay

When it comes to a direct cremation, there is almost no delay. As soon as the death certificate is secured and the right papers have been signed, the body disposition can take place. The process is so quick, in fact, that the deceased is cremated in whatever clothing they were wearing at the time of their passing. So if you want to provide your deceased loved one with a fitting final send-off without needless delay, your best bet is to plan a direct cremation.


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