You Want to Choose a Meaningful Spot to Scatter the Remains and Here are Popular Choices

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August 15, 2022
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After an individual is passed away and the cremation services in Gilbert, AZ, are completed, some people might choose to keep the loved one’s remains at home in an urn, and others might opt to bury the ashes. But for some, scattering them could either be a request that the loved one made or a personal preference that can help give them a form of closure. If you’re choosing to scatter but are unsure of where to do it, this article will discuss some popular location ideas, so keep reading for more information.

Choose a Meaningful Location

One of the first places to consider is choosing a location where the individual found meaning. This could be where a life-changing event took place, such as a celebration or even a college campus where they spent a lot of time at. This could be enhanced by having a eulogy reading or some sharing experience for anyone attending the event.

At their Home

If the individual had a home, they either owned or grew up in, this may be another option that could be a significant choice. Picking a residence where they had happy memories and enjoyed themselves can offer a sense of completion for those involved.

In a Natural Space

Nature is an excellent resource for many individuals because it can evoke peace and tranquility in their lives. If the individual had a favorite park, hiking trail, or even a garden that they tended and cared for, these can all be excellent choices. You might even consider creating some marker or inscribed plaque that could be placed in the area to help remember them and mark the scattering location.

On the Water

Some people spend their lives on the water for hobbies or even for work, so why not consider this an option? Choosing a lake, river, or ocean can all be viable options to send an individual back to a place that they love. Some people choose to do a flower petal release as the ashes are being let go to help with the process and create a meaningful experience.

On a Vacation

If the loved one had a place they liked to go on vacation, you might consider this an option. This can be even more meaningful if you or other family members spent time with them there and made happy memories in the location. You might consider releasing paper lanterns with notes of love or happy memories written on them after the ashes have been released.

cremation services in Gilbert, AZ

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