William Michael Miernicki

William Michael Miernicki


William M. Miernicki born February 15, 1948 to William A. and Florence (Faber) Miernicki. He was called home on Tuesday, November 12, 2019. There to meet him were his wife, Sandra; his son, Bill; and his grandson, Joseph; along with his parents and many other family members who have gone on before us.


Left to carry on his legacy are his daughter, Kathy (Simmons) and her husband, William; and grandchildren, Dylan, Jeremy, and Cassandra (Gironda); Savannah and Saylor (Simmons); and Daniel Miernicki. William is also survived by his sister, Bonita Wisniewski (the late Ted Wisniewski and John Modla); sister-in-law, Maryann Baitis (the late Kenneth Baitis); Sharon and Jim Scaccia; and Maria Baitis (the late Charles Baitis). He is the proud uncle of Julie Murray; and Jim, Mark, and Beth (Scaccia).


William is a United States Army Vietnam Veteran, and also a retired Chicago Police Officer. He is known for his love of his wife, his family and friends, and being outgoing, happy, and fun. A true jokester and story-teller who was loved by all. He was adamant about not having a funeral service, but instead wants to be remembered as he was in life – fun, happy, and everyone’s friend. Burial services for him will take place at the Veterans National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona in the early Spring of 2020.



To my loving Dad,

What a life it has been and I am so glad God chose me as your daughter. Not once, ever, in my life did I doubt your love for me. You were always there for me to give good advice and guidance. You could calm me down when I would feel out of control. You would always support, encourage, and most of all always love me. I sure was a spoiled little girl. When I bugged mom about the Whoopsie doll I wanted so badly and it was all I talked about for days, she told me to talk to you. I couldn’t wait to tell you all about the doll and beg you to buy it for me. So you told me to go check your wallet to see if you had any money in it. I have no idea what you had in there, but I saw dollar bills and assumed jackpot! You laughed so hard at me and and then proceeded to take me to the store to buy my very own Whoopsie doll! You loved that story so much you found a Whoopsie doll on Ebay and gifted another one to me as an adult. I loved it, what a heartfelt funny gift!


You made me so proud being a daughter of a Chicago policeman. You worked crazy hours and even when you had to work on Christmas you would stop home to watch us open presents and then go back on your way to work. Family was always number one for you. You loved my mother so much and what a good example you both were of what love looked like, and I was never shorted on that same kind of love. It kept me strong through life. I know you stuck around for me after mom passed away to make sure I would be ok, and we navigated those waters together and held on to each other in those tough times. You supported me through all those times I told you I was quitting nursing school. You knew not to argue with me, but instead you were just a listening ear when I needed to vent and then you showed me how to dust myself off and get back up and work hard again. It was important to you that I have a good career and be able to support myself and be proud of my hard work and accomplishments. You and mom were so proud watching me walk the stage for my nursing school graduation.



Sometimes you had to be firm with me when I’d lose my way and I knew I could always trust what you told me above anyone else. I knew it was best to stop and think and redirect myself because you always had my best interests at heart. When I decided to leave Chicago and spread my wings, you cheered me onward and upward in the adventures I had chosen and you were my biggest supporter. You loved your grandkids as if they were your own. You continued to care for them, love and guide them, just as you did with me. You were fun, silly Papa who they could play, dance, swim, and sing with, and they all love and admire you. You were always there for us and you loved all of their unique personalities.



The kids loved going to spend the night with Papa. You would spoil them with goodies and your love and time. I know they will always be able to look back and cherish all the good times you spent with them. I can hardly imagine my life without you in it. I was always daddy’s girl and you were always my biggest fan. I know you will never really leave me and always watch out for us all, but is still going to be so hard to not have you physically by us. We are all so used to having you around and making us laugh. But, I have so many good memories, all of our family vacations, my awesome childhood and you being my rock and supporter through my teenage and adult life. I had the very best having you! I know life must go on, and I know you are happily reunited with Momma, the love of your life, as well as Bill and Joey and all the others we have loved and lost. They must be so happy to have you back!!! I think of the old silly songs you and Uncle Charlie would sing about… “In Heaven there is no beer…..that’s why we drink it here, and when we’re gone from here…..(insert name) will be drinking all the beer!!” I laugh at that memory because I can see you all celebrating together again in Heaven.



I thank God for the time I got to spend with you in your final days. The Lord let me have time to talk to you, sing to you, and say the words I needed you to hear before your final sendoff to Heaven. I wish it didn’t go so fast, but it was your time to reunite. Until we see each other again, I have nothing but love, laughs, and good memories to get me through those days! So, I would say that was a life well lived because us missing you soooo very much just shows what an important, loving, funny, happy person you were. We are the blessed ones to have had you and I can’t be sad about being given such a precious gift that has been with me through this journey of life. Even in your final moments you had to make sure me and the kids would be safe and taken care of. So I had to give you the gift of letting go so you could continue to soar and head on to your next journey. Thank you a million times over for being with me in life’s journey. It’s been nothing short of amazing!

Love always and forever, Kathy.



—–The angels gathered near your bed, so very close to you

For they knew the pain and suffering that you were going through

I thought about so many things as I held tightly to your hand

Oh, how I wished that you were strong and happy once again.

But your eyes were looking homeward to that place beyond the sky

Where Jesus held his outstretched arms, it was time to say “goodbye”

I struggled with my selfish thoughts for I wanted you to stay

So we could walk and talk again like we did just yesterday

But Jesus knew the answer, and I knew He loved you so

So I gave to you life’s greatest gift, the gift of letting go.

Now my heart will carry memories of the love you gave to me

Until we meet again in Heaven, where the best is yet to be.





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6 responses to William Michael Miernicki

  1. Julie says:

    My dearest uncle Bill, although we have lived in different states for many years, I did not have to see you to feel your love. I always enjoyed our conversations via phone calls, cards and the few visits we were able to have. I am very grateful and happy you and auntie Sandy were able to be a part of mine and Steve’s wedding celebration, as well as Billy and Kathy. I have nothing but fond memories of you growing up, your love humor and support I will never forget! You are the best silly fun and caring uncle a kid could wish for, except I didn’t have to wish I had you! Thank you uncle Bill for being a great uncle brother husband father and grandpa (papa) I love you! I am so glad my mom was able to spend time with you, fun time with you which always seem to be the case, during what became to be your final days, who knew. To my dear cousin Kathy, Will, Dylan, Jeremy, Cassandra, Savannah and Saylor, I am so sorry for your loss. May your heavy hearts be lightened with the love and memories of your dad father-in-law and Papa. Hugs to you all! My Stephen sends his love and condolences as well. Beautiful tribute to your dad Kathy I love you!! ❤️🌈💜

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