Burial At Sea is a Unique and Historical Option, and here’s More on Them

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October 24, 2022
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Cremation services in Gilbert, AZ, are a memorable way to honor a loved one, and if the individual requested to have a burial at sea, this could be done as a full body or cremation option. This choice is legal in the United States as long as specific regulations are followed and can be a meaningful way to lay them to rest. So, we are here with some additional information about them to help you get started with the process.

Regulations for At Sea Burial

Burying an individual at sea has specific requirements that are regulated by the EPA or the Environmental Protection Agency, including:

  • The remains must be placed in a location that is at least three nautical miles from the shore
  • The water must be at least 600 feet deep at the site, and in other areas, it has to be at least 1800 feet, depending on your location.
  • No plastic can be placed in the water, and only biodegradable options are accepted.
  • The caskets have to have holes drilled in them, so they sink quickly and easily.
  • There needs to be extra weight added inside the casket, and chains need to be wrapped around it to keep the remains on the sea floor.
  • The EPA must also be notified within 30 days of the scheduled event.

Navy Burials

The Navy burial is traditionally completed while the ship is deployed, which means the family will not be able to attend. However, notification will be sent to the family by a commanding officer listing the location, date, and time that the service took place.

Civilian Considerations

For civilian at sea burials, this will require finding a company that specializes in these kinds of services. You will need to charter a vessel, and the body of the loved one will not be involved in this process. You can have a memorial service at the time of the burial, but you want to be sure the company can help accommodate for this and the level of attendees that are planning on coming. Also, be aware that chartering a ship will be two to three times more expensive than a traditional funeral because of everything required.

Cremation Option

The last consideration is for cremation services. This can be completed by scattering the ashes directly into the water, or you may purchase a Biodegradable urn that can be placed in the waves. While you will still need to be at least three nautical miles from the shore, the depth of the water does not matter in this case. And in some situations, you will not need to charter a vessel.

Cremation services in Gilbert, AZ

When You Need a Trusted Source for Exceptional Care

A burial at sea can be an excellent option after the cremation services in Gilbert, AZ, especially if your loved one is passionate about the ocean. And if you’re looking for exceptional services based on affordability and honesty, we are a trusted name. We are a locally owned company that understands the pain of loss, so contact us today.

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