Is Burial an Option for Cremation?

cremation services in Mesa, AZ
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March 14, 2022
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 cremation services in Gilbert, AZ

Whether you are preplanning or have recently lost someone close to you, you need to plan cremation services in Gilbert, AZ. The process might feel a little confusing if you have never had to go through the experience before, so it can be helpful to do some research. One aspect of cremation that may not come up as often is planning burial services for the remains once you or your loved ones are ready, so here is more information.

What are the Options

When it comes to scheduling the services and picking out all the details, there can be multiple options depending on the individual’s wishes. Some of the choices to schedule can include:

  • Providing a food service or a reception in some form
  • Personalized decorations for the attendees
  • Having clergy members at the event
  • Video memorial tribute
  • Eulogy reading or open mic for others to express memories and feelings

These are just a few of the available options in the market, so it is recommended to work with a funeral home or crematory to understand all the choices available.

Buying the Right Urn

Your next step will be deciding the kind of urn you want to buy. There are multiple companies available on the market now that can produce incredibly detailed and personalized vessels to house the remains, and they come in a large variety of materials.

Wood: This material can range from mahogany to oak and can be hand engraved depending on the company you’re working with.

Metal: Metal comes in different thickness gauges and can vary from copper to bronze. This choice can also be personalized and engraved to highlight the loved one.

Alternative: Multiple companies on the market are now creating urns that are biodegradable and do not have toxic chemicals in them. These can be utilized for earth or water burials income in materials ranging from unfired clay to paper.

Choosing the Appropriate Area

with the demand increasing, most cemeteries are adjusting by creating areas specifically dedicated to allowing urns to be buried in them. In some situations, there may be an option to utilize more conventional plots and, in some cases, multiple people in the same area due to the smaller size.

There are also structures built above ground, specifically for urns called a columbarium. Depending on the location, they can come in many styles or sizes and be formal or more elaborate depending on the family’s request.

 cremation services in Gilbert, AZ

Connection Through Commitment

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