Grief Rituals Come in Many Forms, so Let’s Take a Look at Common Rituals Around the World

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Every culture has its way of laying its loved ones to rest. In some cases, their preferred choice may be burial or cremation services in Gilbert, AZ. the beginning and end of an individual’s life have a deep significance in most cultures, and unique customs have been made to send off their loved ones once they have passed on. Understanding the various traditions can be helpful, so we have selected a few that may educate or inspire you.

Sky Burials: It’s stated that 80% of Tibetan Buddhists prefer to use a sky burial instead of being placed in the ground. This consists of the body being set outside on a hilltop allowing nature to consume the remains.

At Sea Scatterings: Some areas in the world are extremely populated, and Hong Kong is one of them. Because of this, 90% of local families choose cremation. While bringing the ashes home is not encouraged, dispersal at sea is typically the alternative option.

Church Bells: Church bells are used worldwide to memorialize loved ones, with some customs around how long the bells will ring out and the number of rings in sequence.

Pyre Use: In the Hindu religion, cremation is traditionally done on the banks of the Ganges River. The deceased will be wrapped in colorful and brilliant clothing, followed by religious ceremonies. The dead are then placed on a bamboo stretcher and brought to the area for cremation.

Hanging Up Coffins: In the Philippines, one ceremony custom is to create an adorned casket and bury it on a Cliff edge. Family members will perform specific rituals like sitting with the individual and covering them with a blanket before the loved one is placed inside the vessel.

Tearing Clothing: Orthodox Jews will tear a piece of their clothing as a sign of the sadness and loss they are experiencing. While Reform Jews are provided a ribbon torn by the rabbi to pin on their clothing.

Cremation Beads: In South Korea, there is limited space for burial, so the family will press the cremated bones into multi-colored beads to decorate an urn or bottle.

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There are also other modern rituals, including:

  • A handful of dirt being thrown into the grave site represents the person’s return to the earth.
  • Dressing in black, which dates back to the Roman era.
  • Having a funeral procession with pallbearers carrying the casket.
  • Holding a wake for friends and family members together.

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These are just a few of the grief rituals held around the world and in each culture, and it’s not uncommon for each individual and culture to have its unique way of saying goodbye to loved ones after they pass on.

One of the biggest considerations is ensuring the individual is laid to rest respectfully, and if you need to schedule cremation services in Gilbert, AZ, our team is here to support you. We offer the highest level of compassion and work hard to provide affordable options for our clients, so contact us today.

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