Resources and Tips for Supporting a Grieving Child

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At some point in childhood, most children will experience the loss of a friend or family member. And while having a funeral combined with the cremation services in Apache Junction, AZ, can be a way to say goodbye, it may not be enough. Bereavement is a normal part of the process, and the loss can be a profound experience, so here are just a few ways to offer them support.

Help them to Understand What Has Happened

Losing a loved one can feel confusing and taking the time to help the child understand what has happened can help them develop a healthy relationship with the emotions around grief. This can mean identifying reactions they may have, like worry or fear, and acknowledging the pain of losing someone they cared for. In addition, assume the child is grieving, so don’t wait for them to come to you to talk about the experience.

Encourage them to Ask Questions

Having an open conversation about the loss can also be incredibly helpful and giving them a safe space to ask questions can help give them some resolve. The questions will vary depending on the child’s age, so be prepared to answer questions about death or what happened to the individual’s body to make them die.

Set Aside Extra Time for Them

Giving them extra time out of the day can be another form of support. Grief is complex, and the child may feel rejected due to the adults being more preoccupied and processing their own emotions. So, reassuring them by setting aside time to engage in activities like talking about the loss or even playing games can help foster a feeling of comfort.

Give them Options for a Grief Ritual

Grief rituals are an activity that can help individuals work through the pain of loss, and this can also apply to children. Encouraging them to create a meaningful ritual can give them a sense of closure and help them express any feelings that are coming up. A few examples of a ritual include:

  • Having a small memorial with friends or family
  • Creating art that involves the deceased
  • Reading a poem about the loved one
  • Baking a traditional dessert or entrée, they enjoyed with the individual

Stay Consistent in Daily Tasks

Between family coming to visit, planning the services, and any other vital details, this can throw off their regular schedule during the experience. Children need consistency even in times of loss, so do your best to continue their normal activities and encourage them to engage in fun hobbies or spend time with friends.

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Affordable and Compassionate Services

Teaching a child how to manage their emotions after loss is essential and if you need additional resources, consider investing in age-appropriate resources like books or online videos. Loss can be a confusing time, and if you need a compassionate team at your side, we are here to help. Our primary goal is to offer affordable cremation services in Apache Junction, AZ, to help make the entire process easier for our clients, so contact us today.

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