Ways to Celebrate a Loved One on Special Days

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The fact is, for most people, the loss of a loved one will create a large amount of grief that they have to process and go through after the individual has had cremation services in Mesa, AZ. It can be a challenge for some to find new ways to learn to live without the person and navigate more challenging days such as special occasions. There are multiple ways to honor the individual, and here are just a few suggestions to help you get started.

Decide How you Want the Day to Go

Holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries are the more critical times to take extra care and find ways to remember the individual. One recommendation is to create an alternative or new activity that fits more with your life now. This could look like seeing a movie or changing the restaurant you may have gone to together, and it may take some time to find something that feels right, so give yourself the space you need to adjust.

In other cases, it may feel more appropriate to continue with the traditions that are already in place and find ways to include the loved one with options like adding in photos or creating a favorite recipe of theirs.

Connect with Others

The holidays and other important days can feel lonelier with the individual gone, so it can be good to schedule time to connect with others. Having more people going through the same loss can be highly beneficial and even help with the healing process by offering support for one another.

Visit Them

If the loved one is accessible to you, you might consider going to their burial site and bringing them a gift such as flowers or decoration to acknowledge the loss.

Express Your Feelings

Going through grief can be a complex process, especially for someone who has never experienced it before. Journaling can be a beneficial way to release emotions or connect with others to talk about the loss. If the loved one appreciated art, you might consider creating a portrait or finding ways to use creativity to express how you feel about the loss and the individual.


If the individual had a cause or organization, they spent their time volunteering with; you might consider offering service. It can be a highly beneficial experience to offer your time at a charity such as a homeless shelter or even an animal shelter, promoting further healing within yourself.

cremation services in Mesa, AZ

Offering Affordable Care

Trying to navigate the essential days can feel like a confusing process to go through, so it’s vital to find ways to practice self-care and implement new strategies to get through the more challenging days.

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