Tips and Ideas for a Celebration of Life

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Some people may choose to have a traditional memorial alongside the cremation services in Apache Junction, AZ, and others may want to have a more lighthearted event called a celebration of life. These celebrations are a regular occurrence, but you may not know what to include if you’ve never had to organize one before. This article will discuss different options that can be added to the event to make it more meaningful and authentic so keep reading For more information.

What is a Celebration of Life?

A celebration of life is not a traditional memorial or funeral service because it highlights the positive aspects of the individual and how they affected others around them. There’s no specific way to hold a memorial, and if the individual was a more joyful and a lighthearted person, the celebration of life might be the appropriate option.

Thoughtful Additions

The details you include at the service will make a difference in the overall experience, so one of the first things to consider is what kind of person the individual was. One thing to consider is, did they have any unique hobbies or interests that they enjoyed participating in? Is there something about them that sticks out to you or anyone else involved in the planning that would need to be included?

Add in a Release

One activity that can be a memorable choice is to have a eulogy reading, music playing, or a video memorial tribute. This can be combined with releasing doves, butterflies, or even paper lanterns to help begin to let go of the individual.

How About a Memorial Garden?

Even if your loved one was not an avid gardener, a memorial garden could be a great way to create a space that helps remember the individual because it is a tribute to them. Plants have a natural order of life, which can help represent rebirth and the loss that happens and support the grief process. Everyone at the event can help contribute to this by adding specific plants, flowers, or even garden art that helps remind them of the individual.

Keep it Unique

Because celebrations of life are a non-traditional option, you can make them as unique and creative as you would like. Incorporating things like dancing, bonfires, and even having the event at a beach can all be meaningful displays of remembrance.

Serving specific foods, the loved one enjoyed or even creating a memorial token that can be given to attendees after the event is completed that represents the loved one can be a great addition.

cremation services in Apache Junction, AZ

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