What Clothing Is Appropriate for a Cremation Service?

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Anytime an individual loses a loved one and needs to plan cremation services in Gilbert, AZ, they will begin to put together the event’s details to ensure they follow through with their loved one’s wishes. Part of the steps taken with a cremation process is generally to have a service that will have attendees who can come and say goodbye to the individual. Wearing the proper attire is a priority if you’re going to one of these events, so here is more information.

What is the Theme?

One of the first things that you will need to do if you are invited to one of these events is to find out what kind of services are being held. Generally, at a funeral or burial service, the atmosphere might be more somber, and people could be showing solid emotions of grief. Whereas at a celebration of life event, this could be a more celebratory and joyful event.

There also may be religious or cultural traditions that are being upheld that require specific kinds of clothing. Or if the individual had a favorite hobby or lifestyle, the organizer may choose to have a theme for the event, and costumes could be involved. These situations may have different expectations on how the attendees will be dressed, so it’s good to check with the organizer first before picking the wardrobe.

Traditionally Speaking 

If you are going to a traditional funeral, specific pieces of attire are considered acceptable for the events.


  • A pantsuit or dress in dark or muted colors
  • Appropriate length skirt with a blouse
  • Flat shoes or pumps

It is recommended to avoid wearing anything overly revealing, open-toed shoes, or sandals.


Men also have their own set of clothing, and they can consist of:

  • A dark suit with a tie
  • Slacks and button-up shirt

You will want to avoid wearing baseball caps, athletic shoes, or shorts to a formal event.

Other Considerations

If you are bringing children to the event, follow the same dress code with the idea of dressing more professional or conservative as your primary goal. Another recommendation is to check and see if the event is going to be held outdoors and if so, make sure you let the word be like so you can dress accordingly.

cremation services in Gilbert, AZ

Quality From a Source Who Cares

When it comes time to attend services, we also recommend that you avoid wearing anything brightly colored or has graphics on it because this can take away from the focus of the event. There’s no doubt that losing a loved one can be a harrowing experience, and you need a company that understands the intricacies that are required with creating a genuinely honorable event for the deceased.

A Wise Choice Cremation & Funeral Services are a family-owned and operated business, and we strive to offer the most affordable and competitive rates in the area. We offer multiple services from funeral to cremation services in Gilbert, AZ, and would love to help you as you’re planning your event. If you would like more information or schedule an appointment, contact us today.

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