What are the Eco-friendly Options for Burial and Cremation Services?

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When an individual loses a loved one and needs to plan cremation services in Mesa, AZ, there might be a question about the best choice for the cremation process. If the loved one preferred an eco-friendlier option, it’s good to know what the choices are to make the right decision. Here is more information on the different greener choices for cremation services.

What Alternatives are There?

There are a few choices for the cremation process, so depending on your loved one’s last wishes, you may have to make the decision you feel is the best.


This choice is similar to the traditional process where the loved one’s body is incinerated in temperatures of up to 1800 degrees after the body has been prepared. With the green cremation, it still uses the crematory, but the body is wrapped in cotton. The body is then placed inside a cardboard container which produces fewer toxins and uses fewer fossil fuels.


The second option begins after the body is ready for processing and utilizes alkali solutions for the breakdown of the body. As the water is heated and the chemicals begin to bond, the sugars, salts, and amino acids will remain in the water, which is then disposed of. The remaining bones are then broken down in the traditional method, and the individual is returned to the family.

Burial Options

In the situation where you have decided to move forward with the cremation service, there are multiple biodegradable urns on the market. These are designed to break down when the vessel meets dirt or water. These can come in different materials, including:

  • fiber or paper that can come in hemp or gelatin
  • rock salt options
  • wooden urns that contain no glue or varnish

You may also be considering a burial service that can remove the need for a coffin and the embalming process. There are many different options on the market, including:

  • cardboard
  • simple wood, which also allows for more personalization
  • woven made from bamboo or Wicker shroud made from other fabrics such as cotton or silk

Another excellent option for this is burial pods where the cremated remains or the individual’s whole body can be placed inside of a container that can help grow a tree.

cremation services in Mesa, AZ

An Affordable Solution

There is no doubt that when it comes to choosing cremation services, you want to make sure that you are picking what will truly honor your loved one. And if you were choosing one of the burial options, you will want to check with local agencies before placing the remains anywhere that’s not on private property.

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